Loving a German beast…

So, the mister came home last evening looking forlorn and dejected.




Dr J presumed the lugubriousness had some thing to do with the German Beast.

It had.

Mr H handed her a piece paper-  the figure 4455 QAR was highlighted in florescent blue.


German Beast had an appointment with his doctor that morning. Nothing major- just a routine check up.

GB was Mr H’s pet and ride.

A lovely being, a powerful beast.

Crafted sturdily and built to last.

Mr H toiled for hours at end- to shine, rub and polish the creature.

All said, GB’s upkeep was an expensive affair. Each replacement cost an arm and a leg.

Each service appointment ended up being an exercise in  unwarranted lavishness.

Every “service morning”, a reluctant Mr H wakes up earlier than usual and whines and moans all the way to service center- knowing all too well that every such trip will make a dent in his pocket.

Going to get your car serviced, is akin to a root canal or a rectal exam- occasionally warranted and necessary but extremely unpleasant.

Every “estimate” the mechanic provides is usually fought and contested and challenged.

We bargain, we cajole.

We fight, we haggle.

All to no avail!



Wise men once said…

Beware of the beautiful, well- kept woman; for she makes an expensive and high maintenance wife.

Do no wed the proud, handsome, excessively intelligent man; for he is often vain, arrogant and hard to upkeep.

Do not pet the exotic, rare breeds as they are the proverbial “white elephant”-  a rich man’s pursuit.

Do not drive pretentious, beauteous, expensive German Beasts, for they often kick you where it hurts most- YOUR POCKET!


Till next time…

Dr J.

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