The Second Time.

Everybody tells you the second time if different. Very, very unlike the first. You don’t plan so much, you don’t read so much, you don’t even think about it that much.

Everybody is right.

There is so much more on my plate this time, most days it is purely a sort of “let’s just get to night time” existence.

Knackered. Drained. Zonked out. Shagged.Shattered. Stonkered. Or to put it simply- bloody, darned tired. I say it so often (mostly to one person- Mr H), I’m sick of hearing myself say it.

This time, I have not shown myself any mercy. No leniency has been granted. The daily grind was hard enough, but now it’s on a whole new level.

It’s the last few weeks folks. I’m almost there.

The funny thing is, there shall be no respite even after.

Till next time.

Heavily pregnant, crazy lady from round the corner.

The Bright Side.

Hiya folks!

How has 2017 been treating ya guys thus far? All 18 or so hours of it.

Our little family isn’t one to ‘ring in the new year’ with festivities or parties. I rarely send out new year messages or cards. And the first of January is just another bloody ordinary day.

No resolutions. No fuss. Nothing.

I do appreciate the sentiments of the folks who do all the above mentioned “normal” things though.

New year’s eve parties must be great fun. And it is wonderful to have a day (arbitrary though it might be) where you can self- reflect and decide to make positive changes within and around yourself.

Bravo to all those to dare to brave change and challenge themselves.

By default setting, I am a Grade I, Type A pessimist. To me the glass is perennially half empty and it has invisible cracks to boot. Things never seem enough.

I wish I could resolve to look at the bright side. Not always lurk in the shadows of misery.

Just beneath the shiny cars, and designer clothes. Underneath the facade of unshakable faith and piety. Below the surface of ringing laughter and easy friendships. Behind the closed doors of the high-rise corner office.

Misery, internal grief, anxiety and discontent is everywhere. Scratch the surface a teeny bit, and there it is.

Never envy another’s laughter, or joie de vivre. For only she knows the true price of it. Everybody is leading their own unique, crappy life.

Yet, it is not all doom and gloom folks. There is enough sunshine, joy and laughter allocated to each one of us.

Enough of what we deserve.

Of course we could always snatch some more, from the seemingly miserly hands of Destiny.

Looking at The Bright Side, may seem difficult at first. But the current me believes that is only way to sustain moments of happiness (if such a thing exists). There is always a Bright Side, to every utterly dark situation.

So, cheers!

And here’s toasting to always looking at The Bright Side.

Have a good year folks.

Till next time.