Life in Qatar- The Basics

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Moving to Qatar? Already here , but clueless about how to get started?

Here’s our experience….

The beginning-

Getting a Resident Permit-ย

Pre- Natal Care and Giving birth in Qatar-

What to pack in your hospital bag (delivery at Hamad)-

RP for the newborn-


Applying for visit visas-


KIndly note– I do not claim to be an expert or an official spokesperson. All this information is to the best of my knowledge. Rules change everyday. So, please do cross-check. This is how we did things. I remember being frustrated because we could find any information online. That is the only reason I am doing this- to help fellow expats.

This is a page in progress, kindly do keep visiting for further updates.

Future posts-

Health card

Vaccination schedules and differences.

Getting a Driver’s Licence.

Do comment below if you have any queries or if you would like to share your own experience.

Dr J.

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  1. Hi, I’m curious to know more about the “family visit visa” in case I find out I can’t sponsor my husband. How can he get that? Or do I need to apply after I get to Qatar? The idea of going before having a plan for him to join me is not pleasant…

    1. Apologies for the delayed reply Ms Kathleen. You have to be in Qatar, and be a permanent resident (as in, you should have completed you RP and Qatar Id process) and only then will you be able to apply for a visit visa for family members- this is how things usually roll. But you could still consult your company PRO for further details.

  2. Hi Dr. J,
    Hope you are doing good. Just read your blog post about RP, and how it is to get RP during pregnancy. Believe me, after reading you blog post, now I am not in a mood to bring my wife here, she is pregnant(2nd trimester is about to end). I am also new, just arrived on 15th of Aug first time in Qatar. if in pregnancy X-ray is not allowed and if she has to go through all this then I quit.

    My plan was to get her here for the delivery. But, it seems impossible now.I cant get permanent visa for my wife just after getting my RP, because I have no 6 months’ bank statement. My friends suggested me to bring family on visit visa and then you can convert it into RP. but, till then my wife cant get any insurance probably. And if Delivered baby here, it might cost me a big amount without insurance. Or is there any way out to get insurance at HMC on visit visa?

    Kindly enlighten me, I am worried. Or may be for visit visa all those hurdles wont come around?

    1. Hello Fahim. Salaam!
      This a real conundrum, and I can relate to the confusion. Honestly though, wouldn’t it be better if she delivered back home and then moved to Doha once you are all settled here?

      Of course, it is just my personal opinion. I’m not sure how things run in he public hospitals without having a health card (a pre requisite for which is being a permanent resident) …..and the costs of birthing in a private hospital can run upwards of 10000 QAR. You are obviously a better judge of your situation, but what I just mentioned would be better choice overall, especially if you folks are going to be first time parents ๐Ÿ™‚

      It is not impossible, but it would be hard dealing with being new parents in a new country with few support systems or family in place.

      1. Thanks alot Dr. J for you reply. Actually, the only reason why i want my wife to deliver our second baby here is just to avoid hectic paperwork back home. Passport,birth certificate, then attestation from mofa and qatar consulate back home, huhhhhhhh…….. it might take a month. So if the delivery happens here then I might possibly be able to get a day or two off the work to sort out the paper work here which is easy here.
        And, yes one thing that is probably encouraging is that, upon asking my Company’s HR administrator about the insurance of my family on visit visa, she said that they can provide insurance on passports. So one issue is resolved.
        Now another issue you mentioned in your blog post is the X-ray in 2nd trimester, if X-ray during pregnancy is anyways a risk for the baby’s health then I wont take this risk… but the alternative of the X-ray that you used to get the medical examination finalized is difficult to understand. Could you please elaborate it a little more or in an easy way please?


      2. The X- Ray is mostly related to Tubercular infection assessment. If you chose to not do one, they will go ahead with other methods to test for possible infection. The skin test (PPD test, Mantoux test) is usually the first step. And depending on it’s result, she may or may not have to undergo further blood and sputum tests.

        I have in fact penned the process in a fairly detailed manner in the post above. If you have any specific queries, feel free to ask away… ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. If your company provides family health insurance or covers part of the healthcare costs, then it would be a whole different scenario…

  3. Hi Dr Jalil,

    Do you know how easy or difficult it is for a wife to sponsor her husband’s residence permit in Qatar. I have been offered a job as a physician at HMC, but the offer letter mentions that a wife cannot sponsor her husband! (no mention of the 10,000 QAR salary cut off that some other sites mention). Would appreciate your thoughts.

    Dr S

    1. Hello Dr S! Does the contract specifically mention so? Have you spoken to the HR representative about it in particular? Worse case scenario, husband might have to come to Qatar on a family visit visa and find a suitable position at a company (who will then be his sponsor)….

  4. Dr, Jaznajalil can you tell me what is the avergae salary of GP doctors in Qatar in private set up? what will be the cost of living accomodation and fooding in Qatar per month? please let me know

  5. Hi Doctor J,

    This blog is definitely one of its kind and I just couldn’t stop myself reading every write up though I’m not in a great situation to read. May be it’s too much to say your unique way of writing and efforts you have put to clarify our queries. I have already commented on your how to get spouse visa article which needs your immediate reply. And I’m surya.

    1. Thank you Mr Surya!
      And I am sorry for making you wait a couple hours, I usually try to reply to comments as soon as humanely possible ๐Ÿ™‚ But on most days, my time is not mine alone!

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