Here’s wishing everyone ….

It was one of those days.

A day when nothing productive happens, and yet there is not one idle moment.

A day when all plans go awry and one gives up on them long before the day ends.

Every Eid- eve is ridden with chaos and peppered with uncommon unpredictability- no matter how much one wills it to be otherwise!

No harm done though, except the trifle matter of losing a few winks of sleep.

Nothing new!

The meat is in it’s marinade. The onions are chopped (hence the tears are done with) and the dessert’s setting (custard and cream, fruit truffle) away gloriously. The customary biriyani shall be assembled and cooked to finality in the morn.

That is all that matters. For now.

What are you folks up to?

Mr H and Dr J wish you all a joyous, sumptuous and blessed Eid! And for those (Ach, Tsk and Pre- all Dubai Nerds) who wonder what one does in Doha during Eid- apparently there is a lot to be done here….

Have fun folks and keep Dr J in the loop…

Till next time…

Dr J.

Would love to hear from you folks! Do comment (email optional)

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