Bringing back some order…

Things may change around here. Apparently, this blog is becoming too random for comfort. So the Husband says. Is it, folks? It started off as  Qatar Expat Diaries, turned into Myriad Interests cum Travelogue. That then morphed into Dr J's External (Public) Brain/ Journal. Now it seems to be veering off on to the Beauty... Continue Reading →

Pre- dawn blogger ramble.

Zoe occasionally likes to wake up at odd hours of the night and search for Mama. With eyes closed and mouth open. And after Mama does what she has to do, and gets her sleeping again (it does not take much effort most times); she too falls right back into the welcoming arms of the... Continue Reading →

A Thalassery wedding.

Weddings in our part of the world are colorful, clamorous, chaotic, boisterous affairs. The focus is on the food and and merrymaking usually involves a lot of singing, clapping and jumping. The clothes are very extravagantly embroidered, sequinned and colored. The guests might seem to be on a quest to outdo one another in terms... Continue Reading →

This is why I love to fly.

Dr J anxiously waits for the boarding call. In the days gone by, she would have loved the waiting time. She would have strolled the stores and had cup after cup of bad, overpriced coffee and  doughy donuts. But not today. Lil' Z isn't a happy chappy. She was dragged out of her bed at... Continue Reading →

I never missed the city lights!

My parent's hail from this beautiful town, dotted with coconut palms and stuffed with wild shrubs and trees.Lined by the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, it's picturesque and like my friends say almost "resort- like". True. But what I love about my hometown is the amalgamated seamless co-existence of the old and new. Of... Continue Reading →

An epic trip!

Hella folks! It's been barely four days, since I last spoke to you folks. But it seems like ages. The trip was everything I had hoped it would be. And more. I met tons of family, had kilos of great food and soaked in the lush greenery and sticky heat that my "hometown" (different from my... Continue Reading →

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