The Qatar Vaccination Diaries!

Hola Folks! Another bright and sunny day. The summer seems to be on it's way out. Haaa.....Finally! I actually had ALMOST COLD water running in the tap today! Those in the middle-east will know what I am talking about. Yesterday was Zoe's Vaccination Day. And getting vaccinations in Qatar is always exciting. So much drama... Continue Reading →

Dr J. Who?

They ask. I tell.   Indian. Born In Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Twenty something. Pushing thirty? Naaah! Pseudo Malayalee (Malayalam is spoken primarily in the Southern State of India) True Bangalorean. True Heritage- Kannur, Kerala. Possibly Arab- Portuguese- Dravidian with a dash of Aryan blood. Blah! Languages- English (DUH?), Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Smattering of Telugu,... Continue Reading →

The Ladies Lounge- Currently Crushing!

1. Have been on a "get-back-to-basics", "simple- mysteries" trip lately. And am therefore re-acquainting myself with some "old" but "gold" sort of authors. No high- tech mumbo- jumbo, no terrorism sub- plots and no violent heroes. It all all about the leisurely investigations, colorful characters and intellectual and engaging protagonists. No one does it better... Continue Reading →

Of price tags and “dis-counts”!

Tralalalala Tra La Lalala... It's a Hap Hap Happy Friday... A Friday...   The H family are on the prowl again. The mall is their jungle. And discounts their prey. J spots a fancy store. "SALE" "SALE" "SALE" the displays proclaimed. J nosedives into the store. Lands at the make-up counters. The throngs of heavily... Continue Reading →

Missed me?

It is past midnight, and I am typing in the dark. My antiquated laptop has no keyboard back-light you see. Of course , it is no excuse to replace Mr Pappy. Also, some keys on him don't work. This started a few days ago. So now I copy- paste certain letters! Aah! the fun of it!... Continue Reading →

Of alter egos and food battles…

Morning Y'all! Our tale for today, commences a little over 48 hours ago. Dr J announces that she will make masala dosa (rice and lentil pancake/ crepe) with sambhar, chammandi and potatoes for breakfast and that dinner would be special fare.-Thalassery Ghee Rice (Thalassery is a place in Kerala while 'Ghee Rice" is rice cooked... Continue Reading →

Activity tracker 101.

Let me first apologize for the misleading post- title. The "Activity Tracker 101" post is still in progress.  The fitness cum gadget nerd that I am, I am very curious about these nifty little contraptions. I am on the lookout for one that would suit my lifestyle and not hurt my my pocket.  The web search... Continue Reading →

What the hell does an OMFS do?

I am an OMFS. An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. In most places it means you have undertaken the worst and most tedious from of training that ever existed. You end up doing both medical school and dental school and then a five year residency! (Some then go on to do a fellowship- a few more... Continue Reading →

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