An existential crisis…

I was greeted with this notification after I published yesterday’s post.



I was vaguely aware of the number of posts being in the 90s, but was pleasantly surprised when the number 100 popped up.

100 posts!

Ficklemindedness is my trademark trait, supplemented with an occasional lack of self- motivation and surplusness of procrastination. All combined, things seldom manage to engage me for long.

I did not think this blogging business would last for more than a week. A month at most.

A few posts a month.


Hell…No way!

So, here I am.

Now this blog is faced with an existential crisis. Also, an identity conundrum…

A busy Mum can manage a post a day. But can a busy, pseudo- single, working Mum who is shuttling across four cities (possibly) and two countries, do so?

So far, it has been a complete mish-mash of stuff. Qatar, Doha, Surgery, Books, Shopping, Babies, Parenting- Do I continue in the same vein?

Make it more “word” oriented or “picture” oriented?

More “me” or more about the “places”…

What about structure and predictability?

I never quite know what I am going to write about everyday. Very rarely do I draft a post in advance- I do so only when I do the “how to” posts.

99.9% of the time though, I put the little one down for a nap, and then whip out Mr Pappy and type as noiselessly as I can for as long as I can.

I type as the thoughts pour forth. I filter them a bit, of course. I wouldn’t feed you lovely folks the entire trumpery!

A cursory spell- check, some quick edits and then I hit “PUBLISH”.

Hence, some posts may come across as poorly written/ edited/ thought- through. Apologies!

Anyhooo…let us take one day at a time.

Let fate transpire without interference.

Here are a few random stats, for those that like such piffling matters (click on the picture, if you are interested)…






 This would also be a good time to formally introduce the central characters and protagonists of most of the stories on this blog….


Early days!


The bonds strengthen….


Lil Princess Z!


Yours truly striking the rare pose.


2013-11-08 10.33.53
Goofball no.1…
Recap Thursdays! Peek into the H and J week.


Do leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions below. I love hearing from you folks.

And do give some pointers on where you think this blog should be headed toward….

Till next time…

Dr J.

4 thoughts on “An existential crisis…

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  1. Hello Dr J, good job! And please continue to blog….I am a British expat who moved to Doha last year….and I can associate with almost everything you write….your style is fun, quirky and refreshing …keep it up!

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