Le cart, this week.

People often ask for book suggestions.

I find this intriguing though. For I believe, it is never a ‘natural reader’ who asks for recommendations. Such people, I am sure have a perennially long list of books that they desperately wish to get to. The list never ends and therefore they voluntarily never really ask someone else- what to read, or have they read something wonderful recently. Though such things may be mentioned in passing, and that is how the list in fact grows. Makes sense?

Anyhoo, here are things that are lying in my cart at the moment. They may or may not be bought, and either way may or may not be read immediately.

DIRECT RED- is honestly a random pick. Popped up on my Amazon page a while back, and I was intrigued. We all like reading about lives like ours.

LANGUAGES OF TRUTH- have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Mr Rushdie’s works. His memoir forced me to reconsider some things though. This is supposed to be his pièce de résistance in the non- fiction genre. Let us see..

LOSS- have had an eye on this sparse- looking, minimalistic, unpretentious book since I saw one on the bookshelf at Modern Books (aka “Gangarams of Trivandrum’). I like verbalisation of emotions- especially dark ones.

Rumi- I am an unromantic, yet, the angst gets to me. I like dwelling in them unpleasant emotions.

BEYONG GOOD AND EVIL- Nietzsche is fascinating.

THE CLIFTON CHRONICLES BOOK 5 AN 6 – A seven part series by Jeffrey Archer, never quite got to them; though I have read most other works by the man a long time ago.

NOTES ON GRIEF- Again, promises to take me down grief street. I look forward to it.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MONEY- This one unfortunately comes recommended by someone I know. Such books always disappoint. Yet, I go into each one, hoping to be enlightened and enthralled.

VOYAGER- Book 3 of the now termed ‘outlander’ series. A dash of historical romance and Highlands adventure please!


Clearly, grief is the predominant emotion.

Till next time,


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