Weekend Doha Diaries- Steals, deals, trinkets and finds.


And so I have found another shawarma jaunt folks, a charcoal grilled shawarma place no less. It has been a few months since it opened, and with other “quickie- food” outlets in its immediate vicinity, this Woqod Station just became my favorite fast-food station fuel station ever!

Fuel for The German Beast and The Crazy One!
Fuel for The German Beast and The Crazy One at one place!


Shawarma Booteela, Woqod Petrol Station, Nuaija 41, Al Hilal


My favorite is the classic- Chicken Shawarma Plate

How much?

25 QAR

The Shawarma plate (apart from bread and chicken) comes with a side of fries, pickles, cabbage salad, and garlic dipping sauce. If you are a shawarma fiend like I am, then do give this a taste.

Source- Shawarma Boteela Facebook
Source- Shawarma Boteela Facebook



Finally! Shaded play and picnic areas.


Family Beach, Al Wakra

Big change since the last time.
Big change since the last time.

About time I say!


Read more about Family Beach Al Wakra


Everybody who is a parent with kids in school (and therefore needs school supplies every week) and anybody who drools over a mere writing instrument or a patterned post-it (aka “stationery junkie”) will know what and where RAWNAQ is/ was.

The good news – the place has been given a face-lift and the stocks spruced.

The not so good news- the store now has an almost inappropriate/ weird name.

Utterly weird name for a stationery store, don't ya think?
Utterly weird name for a stationery store, don’t ya think?


Seriously though, why “New Remedy”? And “international services”? Am I missing something here?

i could live here, sampled nibs and paper. Damn! Shortie forgot her portable step-stool at home it looks like!
Damn! Shortie forgot her portable step-stool at home it looks like!


I could live here, sampling nibs and paper for eternity. Or perhaps open and shut boxes forever!

Their specialty seem to be these boxes.
Their specialty seem to be these boxes.



I have been looking for a case/ cover for my old iPad 4 for a while now. It’s spotless, and now that the little one has become it’s primary user, a cover seems warranted. What I did not take into account was how difficult it is to get an esthetic, functional, reasonably priced one in Doha.

Jarir, LuLu, Virgin, Sharaf DG; all had the mundane, bulky, overpriced meh stuff.

The Belkins, Capdases and Apple Cases- I have used them all and they are mostly  sub- par to say the least. Just when I had given up..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Mobile and tablet accessories.


Al Watan Shopping Centre, Airport Road (Near “Sword” Signal)

How much?

45 QAR for the iPad cases (versus 100-120 QAR for the tacky ones at malls).

This place reminds of me similar get- anything- computer-mobile-tab-related-centers back home (Sweet BLR!) 🙂



that I spoke of in my previous posts, yes… the Ted Baker makeup bags. Head to Ted Baker, some were on promotion the other day.

Maybe not the exact one,  but there are others at the store, on sale too!
Maybe not the exact one, but there are others at the store, on sale too!


New Ted Baker store in town.

ted baker


Lagoona Mall, West Bay.

How much?

The prices on some items are lower than marked on the products. Request staff to check prices on the system.


Hope you have a lovely weekend folks!

Till next time.

Dr J.

The fabulousness of an imperfect life.

There are possibly only three constants in life- boredom, change and death.

Death is of course irreversible and inevitable and we shall talk no more of it, at this present juncture. We shall let death lie in wait, for another day.

Boredom and change are inseparable bedfellows. One cannot be without the other, and one is also the other’s perennial nemesis.

Boredom often portends change and change is more than occasionally the consequence of boredom.

We are all supposedly in the eternal pursuit of perfection. We yearn for the best. The best of everything. Family. Spouse. Work. Life.

We believe that if only we could achieve perfection, we would be forever happy. We believe there are things,  people or events that would be so extraordinarily perfect, that it would wash over our lives and make it perfect. And happy.

We also believe that the association of happiness with perfection is absolute.

In essence, for a majority of us the pursuit of happiness is synonymous with the pursuit of perfection.

But if perfection means one has reached “maximum”, the best one can be, the finest; then perfection also means stagnation. In more macabre terms, it mean death. The end.

Funnily then, if perfection is the ultimate aim, we all do achieve it. Because we all die!

When looked at from an alternate view, perfection can also be immensely boring.  Without imperfection, the necessity to improve, progress or change ceases to exist and therefore the entity become a constant.

An unchanging, boring constant.

Even perfection when constant and routine becomes mundane. Our minds are dulled and fatigued by this unchanging constant, despite the brilliant perfection it constitutes.

Perfection ultimately induces boredom, and we yearn for change again. And thus the viscous circle continues. The restless, unending pursuit.

In short folks, we are all imperfect people, leading fabulously imperfect lives. And that is exactly how it should be.

For perfection is only to be pursued and never attained, and happiness is not an attainable goal but a state of mind.

So chin up folks, and relax. The rat race leads to nowhere fantastic. The best, literally is now. The present, is the only tangible, unarguable truth. Everything else is just to chase away the boredom, the stagnation. We change everyday, in order to beat boredom, and yet stagnation catches up with all of us ultimately- death himself!

Cheers folks! To our fabulous, perfectly, imperfect lives!

Till next time.

Dr J.

RUNDAY MONDAY- I’m in tears!

I know it isn’t Monday yet, but I couldn’t pass by without sharing something as incredible as this.

Every time I was in rotation at the Orthopedic OR, I remember how a the whole “macho- butcher-bunch” would have a good laugh at my “little” self.  A particularly pleasant 6 feet 3 gentleman would “shield” me every time a mid- procedure-x-ray was shot.

It was all in good fun though. Or so I chose to believe.

But there was this part of me, this alpha-personality, uber-competitive portion, that wanted to invite them to the tracks. To kick some muscle- butt at a marathon. I believed I could easily out- run all of them.

Also, there was a part of me that believed being small/ a woman does bring in some inevitable limitations.

Dealing with the mostly delicate structures of the face, I rarely require brute force/ strength in an OR but yes muscular fatigue is a big factor during long procedures. And I have always considered my upper body to be a weak companion to my solidly trained lower-half.

I know how hard I find a set of push ups, and after seeing this, I am ashamed. I’m also inspired, and there are tears of inspiration in my eyes at the moment!

Please, please do not for a moment think, any of this is easy. It is incredibly, implausibly hard.

As someone who occasionally puts her muscles to good use, let me tell you this. Man. Woman. Fit. Fat. It is hard.

She just makes it look like a cake-walk. And that makes it all the more incredible.

Kacy Catanzaro, I bow down to thee and to folks like you. All of your 5 feet fabulousness!

You and I weigh about the same, and have the same physical make-up. But I do have about two and a half inches on you, so I should aspire to be better.

No excuses! Ever.

Till next time.

Dr J.

The Ladies Lounge- Let’s talk these bags again. And my favorite is..

So, we are still talking makeup/ wash bags here. And my favorite ones are has always been the Ted Baker ones.

For long, I loved this pale pink, rose-gold(ish) and white one and lusted over it at a store in London, at a time when I still did not know how to apply eye-liner and thought paying anything  more than 5 pounds for anything makeup related was beyond insane.


One day, a couple of years later we met again and fell in love. And the love affair lasted about half a decade. And then another day, it all ended with an abduction, during a train journey through the Western Ghats. I shed some tears, and moved on.

Years later, half-a-dozen wash bags older, a bored J stumbled into another Ted Baker store, miles away, in a desert town. And it started all over again 🙂


Till next time.

Dr J.

The Ladies Lounge- My top wash- bag suggestions.

The purists may disagree, but in my book wash-bags, toiletry cases, cosmetic pouches are all the same thing. They serve interchangeable purposes and only slightly differ in size.

I like my cosmetic cases to be fairly compact and travel friendly. When not travelling, the smaller ones are usually perched on the vanity, stocked up with all the daily essentials, so that they are all in one place and I don’t have to trudge through my full-and-messy drawers everyday.

Here are my top wash-bag/ cosmetic case picks. Most are classic, conservative and elegant. An occasional one may be fun and quirky.

Understated, yet a looker

Molton Brown leather cosmetic bag


No brainer, simple –

Clearly MAC trio 

Source- maccosmetics.com

No fuss, elegant and classy

The White Company Leather Make-up Bag

Source- thewhitecompany

Fun and functional-

Orla Kiely Fashion Print Wash Bag

source- oprah.com

Luxuriously simple-

Coach leather trimmed checkered bag

Source- coach

Hard to get hold of (discontinued?)-

Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolor- Damier Azure Pochette/ Cosmetic Case

Source- louisvuitton

Quirky chic-

Benefit Beauty Bag (On sale-  13$/ 50% on the website!)


Oh so elegant-

Mulberry Locked Cosmetic Case


For the Fendi crazies!

Fendi ‘Roma’ Cosmetics case


Blogger fav-

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag


For the brand conscious-

Chanel silver quilted metallic leather CC logo cosmetic bag


Also every fashion house/ brand makes their own version of the classic black wash bag/ cosmetics case- Prada, Chanel, Coach, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs; take your pick ladies.

Example of the classic black version
Example of the classic black version

Victoria’s Secret also are a popular choice for wash bags.


marc by marc jacobs
marc by marc jacobs

But if are looking for fun, inexpensive options Forever 21 sells some well- made, fun cases. Do give them a look.

As for my favorite bag, watch this space i.e the next post 🙂

Till next time.

Dr J.

The Ladies Lounge- Pick ’em up now! Steals, deals and trinkets for the week.

The weather has been a real stinker this month. I’m hoping against hope that we are past the heat zenith and can’t wait for the cooler months to arrive.

Unfortunately though, the cooler months are still some time away, and for now all I can do is seek solace in the parky confines of the air-conditioned fabulousness of the malls in town 🙂

At every shopping- center/ mall that I visit/ loiter around in, I have my trained, keen eye on every rack and I minutely inspect every store window/ display that I pass by. I spot, scrutinize and catalog all items in my head, and store the information away for future use.

Every time I come across something hard to come by, unique or unexpected (as in- thought to be unavailable in Doha) I want to holler out to all the women in town who I know would be running from the pillar in Villagio to the post in Gulf Mall looking for the same.

Here are a few picks from last week- deals, steals and trinkets that some of you might like to pick up as well.

* Though this post is specific to Doha, many stores mentioned here will be present across the GCC (even India!). 


Steal! Brown knee- length boots.

I love me some boots!
I love me some boots!

I am border- line obsessed with boots and classic (aka non- platform), pointy- toe, stiletto pumps. Ankle boots are more my style, mostly because they suit my wardrobe/ style of clothing more.

They are also more easy to come by, store and maintain. That said, I would NEVER, EVER say no to a pair of good- looking, brown, knee length, leather(ish), size 3 shoes that are on SALE!

Just the right heel
Just the right heel

They are extremely comfortable, the heel is just about right; high enough to add some spunk and character (and lets admit- some height!) but low enough to walk comfortably and even run (in pursuit of the eternally mobile toddler).

The “worn” look is casual but chic

Like all tall boots, they are not as snug at the top as I would like them to be, but I love the whole distressed, worn leather vibe (or maybe they are just some really, old stock 😉 )

Either way, they are a steal for 70 QAR. Head to Forever 21 at Ezdaan Mall, if you’d like a pair too, I saw a few left just a couple of days ago.


Forever 21, Ezdaan Mall

How much?

70 QAR (last reduced from 120)


Hair-bun-clip thinggy

Might look odd at first sight, but it does well what it's supposed to do
Might look odd at first sight, but it does well what it’s supposed to do

This funny looking hair- contraption is ingenious. It is a godsend to all us forever-bun-haired girls. It looks alright when worn out (not everyone’s cup of tea probably) but it’s great for ladies who wear a head scarf and to wear at home.

Comfortable- does not give the tight-ponytail/ bun headache
Comfortable- does not give the tight-ponytail/ bun headache

If you do wear a head- scarf and are not into “camel-hump-head” but still want a nice shape and your slippy- scarf to stay in place, do try this.

Disclaimer- Very long- haired and thick- haired girls, this might not be for you!


Splash at Centerpoint, Gulf Mall/ Dar es Salaam

How much?



Purse staple- Cool, compact mirror of decent quality

Let’s admit it ladies, either we never really use the mirror we have in our purses or we never have a mirror in our handbag when we actually need one!

Mirrors can be very handy things and I have been on the look-out for an inexpensive hang-bag variant for the longest time. But most of the inexpensive ones I have come across thus far have been tacky looking, plastic things which serve no real purpose. This until I found The One.

Weighty and decently- built.
The One. Weighty and decently- built. And not a bad looker!

They come in several prints on the cover (floral/ geometric) and have an actual glass- mirror inside

An actual
An actual “mirror”!


Forever 21, Ezdaan Mall

How much?

19 QAR


Every girl needs one- Lipstick organizer

Lipstick/ Cosmetic organiser
Lipstick/ Cosmetic organizer

I have been looking for these for a while now. I saw some at Dragon Mart a while back, but they were insanely priced (for the product in question). I had resigned to the fact that I might have to pick them up the next time I went home, or order them online.

And then one day, last week, I saw an entire bunch, stacked up at the entrance of Splash at Centerpoint, Gulf Mall. I wasn’t sure of the quality, so I picked up the smallest (read cheapest) package. I wasn’t even sure it would be true to the picture on the packaging.

Turned out to be better, much better than expected. Good acrylic, no messy scratches and true to picture.

All my everyday
All my everyday “stuff” in one place

I will definitely be going back for more, the bigger ones this time (with more compartments and slots)

And finally, most important.


Best blueberry muffin in town

First, second and third place goes to- Blueberry, Banana and Plain!
First, second and third place goes to- Blueberry, Banana and Plain!

I have known this for a while now, and I have them almost every time we fuel the car up. The giant blueberry muffin at the Sidra outlets are the best muffins in town. Thus far.

Their banana and plain muffins come a close second and third.


Sidra outlets at Woqod Fuel Stations

How much?


That is all for today folks. Do let me know if you bought/ tried any of the above. Also, please holler here if you are privy to any “deal in Doha” knowledge yourself 🙂

Till next time.

Dr J.

Eid Mubarak!

Quick post folks. A late night, an aspirin, some coffee and a cold shower later, it’s time to hit the road (for Eid prayers of course)!

Here’s wishing all you lovely folks who are celebrating Eid today Eid Mubarak. And advance wishes to folks back home and in other parts of the world, who are still awaiting their turns 🙂

To all other lovely people who don’t celebrate Eid, have a fabulous Eid break (if you are in the Middle- East) and to the rest of humanity-have a great, normal/working day!

Eat, meet, greet and make merry folks.

And spread the cheer!

Till next time.

Dr J.

Chasing iftars! (*Image heavy alert*)

We have not had a food post in a while folks. 😉

Ramadan (I promise, this will be the last Ramadan post this year!) is just about wrapping up. Eid might (or might not) be less than 24 hours away. And boy oh boy, what a month it has been!

Chaotic, stressful, insane, (pious of course) and most of all fun 🙂

Apart from the extra chores, prayers and socializing (mostly virtual); being the insatiable foodie/ food demon incarnate, a lot of time and energy has also been put into chasing iftars.

Most days, it’s homemade fare. Some days we try to be good and healthy and stick to dates and smoothies and on many occasions I give into my fried-“nadan”/ country cravings and go on a fry-athon.

Recreating mum’s recipes has been a fun, roller-coaster ride. Some were roaring successes, and some epic fails. Some items turned out to be surprisingly complicated to master while others were deceptively simple.

Then there was the whole ‘eating out’ madness. We have systematically hit almost every Indian/ South Asian eatery in town. We even contemplated a couple of swanky, five- star buffet thinggys, but then one seemed more than enough. I would rather buy a Jimmy Choo rather than spend another penny on those (almost 600 QAR per couple) dos. Na Na mister.

Moreover, I have come to the realization that a starving tummy though not choosy or difficult to please, derives most comfort from the familiar.

I might consider being adventurous with food on a normal day, but after fasting for over 16 hours, I NEED ME some spicy, full- flavored, tongue- tickling, taste- bud firing fare. The bland, so called international/ continental, whatever else soup and meat just doesn’t cut it folks!

So yes, we moved on to homey,familiar “budget” iftars.

Soon though, another problem arose. At every iftar, we ate familiar stuff, special Ramadan treats that we grew up eating. But most of it did not match up to the culinary heights and standards that our palates (thanks to genius-in-the-kitchen mums) were accustomed to. 😦

Then there was the pre- iftar traffic. We almost missed an iftar once, and would have if Qatar Charity did not come to our rescue.

Finally, we deiced to go the non- traditional route. Especially at the fag end (aka last week), when all bets (i.e. health/ fitness) were off. We decided to give in completely and eat whatever our hearts desired.

Subway for iftar? Yes,please!

Pizza? Super!

Beach picnic? Sure, darn the heat.

Salad and celery sticks???? Why not? Yalla, let’s give it a go….

And so it’s been a truly fantastic gastronomic adventure folks. One that my inner demons thoroughly relished.

Le Belly has no complaints!

Tonight we may stay in, or may go out for one last adventure (for this year), Le Belly has not decided yet.

Next year, hopefully (iA) we shall have a full fledged food guide on this space and I shall try and be as enthusiastic about clicking photographs as I am about downing these aforementioned delicacies, but for now this is all I have…

Late nights and beach trips!
Late nights and beach trips! Aah, the things one has to do for a half- decent shawarma…

Literally chasing iftar! We seemed in perpetual hurry...
Literally chasing iftar! We seemed in perpetual hurry this month

On really lucky days, everyone was home already and the roads were clear
On really lucky days, everyone was home already and the roads were clear

Like so.
Like so.

And then there were days such as this
And then there were days such as this. We were running late for a reservation, and I was almost tempted to hop into KFC there.

For those who aren't familiar with this part of the world- there are usually a bunch of kind folks, handing out
For those who aren’t familiar with this part of the world-  just before sundown, there are usually a bunch of kind folks, handing out “iftar-snack boxes” at traffic signals. They are sponsored by companies/ charities/ individuals.

This one time, we were so late that we actually needed to accept one!
This one time, we were so late that we gladly accepted one!

Budget eats for homey treats
Budget eats for homey treats

Things from
Things from “my” part of town (not The Mister’s)

A couple of evening ago, another dash to break our fasts
A couple of evenings ago, another dash to break our fasts

Many of us know where this is :-)
Many of us know where this is 🙂 A couple of other families too, decided to brave the swealtering weather and break their fasts in the moisture laden sea breeze

Probably not a poster-iftar for healthy eating :-)
Probably not a poster-iftar for healthy eating 🙂

But an occasionally indulgence never hurt anyone, eh?
But an occasional indulgence never hurt anyone, eh? #Mum would consider this is the worst iftar meal EVER!# My brain concurs, Le Belly would never…

We waited to hear the canon shot/ azaan while Little Z inspected the grass qaulity
We waited to hear the canon shot/ azaan while Little Z inspected the grass quality

Yay! The sunset...We actually had a private call to prayer, and a random- stranger- public prayer session going on...
Yay! The sunset…We actually had a private call to prayer, and a random- stranger- public prayer session

Not sure what's happening there, but I was too busy with my Stuffed Crust Chicken Supreme
Not sure what’s happening there, but I was too busy with my Stuffed Crust Chicken Supreme

This isn't an everyday affair, let me tell you
We aren’t always this naughty folks!

A walk to get to kick start the digestion process going. Sorry, no run this night
A walk to kick start the digestion process. Sorry, no run this night. In fact it felt odd to stuff myself with worthless calories at a place where I usually come to burn them.

And some play
And some play

While The Msiter lay comatose on the grass
While The Mister lay comatose on the grass, chilling with his best bud.

Till next time.

Dr J.

This, that and what’s up.

The past week has been killer. Nasty killer, not fantastic killer. And it has been that kind of week, when everything hits you from all sides, corners, angles and directions. Yet, I wouldn’t call it a disaster. We are alive and standing, and therefore things aren’t even remotely in the disaster corner.

The week before the last week of Ramadan is hard anyway. The novelty of the Ramadan cheer and iftar food excitement has faded, the fasts are becoming harder and seemingly longer. The endless iftar buffets at swanky places irritate you and the fitting room queues bug you no end. The odd hours starts playing tricks on the mind, and the body starts to protest. Eid still feels ages away and generally you feel down and knackered both in body in spirit. Throw in some random, unexpected (and some expected) curve-balls that life occasionally likes to hurl  at you into the fray and you have a perfect cocktail for nastiness. Ugh.

Some may have noticed how the blog was AWOL for a couple of days. I had a very kind gentlemen (a stranger too!) email me to tell me that my website was down. My domain name registration had expired! Dud I am! I also missed mobile phone bill payments in two countries (yeah, long story). In short, I have been putting everything that isn’t paramount to sustenance off until later. The term “later”  in this case is used in a an extremely loose and vague fashion.

On the bright side though, Eid shopping is done 🙂 We finished it early this year, and I am glad it’s over with. Even getting to a mall this week seems impossible. Have seen the Al Faaza (POLICE) block entrances to malls (because they were chockablock) more than few times this past week. The traffic on the arterial roads in Doha is a bit of a nightmare, everybody seems to be in an odd rush and nobody wants to give in. I really hope everybody ditches the sour mood and embraces the festive cheer this coming week. Boy do we all need it!

Looking forward to the well- earned Eid break.

Till next time.

Dr J.

Currently Crushing- Aah, thy lovely June!

All June I bound the rose in sheaves, Now, rose by rose, I strip the leaves.

Alas, June isn’t a lovely month for us folks here in Qatar. Stuck between the desert and the sea, June is never that beautiful month that sees the ebb of summer and the promise of fall. It only sees the almost unbearable, searing heat!

The proverbial weather/ heat talk out of the way, we can now get down to business. And I’m proud to finally break the “late streak” of the last few months and actually present the favorites in the first week (well, almost!) of the month.

Ta daaa!

1. And the fragrance of the month is…… DKNY Be Delicious Men

Of course, not mine... :-)
Of course, not mine… 🙂

Have had the ladies’ version (all of them) eons ago. It’s a lot stronger, crisper and more mature than the women’s fragrance from the same line. And I like it (on the man).

Of course I do. Duh! I bought it.

2. Anti- foundation month- MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder

Summer and foundation are a bad mix.
Summer and foundation are a bad mix.

There is no point slopping foundation all over, it all melts away the second you step out of the air conditioning anyway. It is therefore a month of generous sunscreen, and even more generous powder.

3. And no fuss lipstick- REVLON Rosy Nude

Barely there
Barely there

You would not even know there’s lipstick there. It just evens the pigmentation if any, and presents a put- together, polished look. A must- have for the medium skinned ladies (NC 35ish in MAC- speak) who don’t want to look made up.

4. Flushed naturally- BENEFIT Benetint

A tiny package but definitely packs a punch!
A tiny package but definitely packs a punch!

Damn. My secret is out! It stays on practically all day, even at 50 degrees.

* Special thanks to a certain blogger who recommended it. You know who you are, you fancy- pants surgeon 😉

5. Ramadan diet equals breakout equals La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

Savior in skin- distress
Savior in skin- distress

This over- indulgent, out-of-control Ramadan diet is wrecking havoc on my acne- prone skin. This product claims to

Visibly reduce all types of acne blemishes and penetrate deep into pores to clear even stubborn blackheads and whiteheads.

Not sure about the above claims, but the 5.5% benzoyl peroxide definitely helps with my acne. And that is all I ask.

6. Bye bye Gatorade- Generic drugstore ORS

Ditch the pricey sports drinks I say
Ditch the pricey sports drinks I say

To put things mildly, runs have been grueling this past month (heat+ fasts+water-loss). I swore by Gatorade for the longest time. Not sure why, when I know exactly what my body must have lost…

7. Post- dinner, pre- suhoor fix- Cadbury Pretzels

Sweet (salty?) fix!
Sweet (salty?) fix!

Not too sweet. With a hint of savoriness (yes!). Chocolate and crunch. This my current accompaniment to oh-so-sweet hot chocolate.

A woman’s gotta indulge after all!

8. Iftar fry-fix for the busy/ lazy days- Al Areesh Frozen Falafels


Picked these up on a whim. Presumed I would find it bland, soggy and tasteless. Presumed wrong.This little fella is surprisingly crunchy and “un-bland”.

Not bad. Not bad at all, for a packaged, frozen bunch of falafels!

9. Brown’s the new black (bad pun alert!)- Sheaffer Brown

Turquoise is so last month!
Turquoise is so last month!

I washed out my daily pen (Lamy Studio) last month and dunked it in this understated but chic color. I love the look of it on my planner and journal pages.

10. Run baby, run! Adidas miCoach.

For the fitness freaks
For the fitness freaks

Do try the micoach if you are a running geek. It is a training/ running app with a whole gamut of great features. Only downside- you might be tempted to invest in the complaint gear 😦

It is utterly, completely late (or early, if you look at it that way) folks. I might put this up tomorrow after a cursory run through. Hope y’all have a cracking day!

Till next time.

Dr J.