The Ladies Lounge- Splurge recommendations!

Well, it has been a while, has it not? Since we spoke fun, girly (womanly?) things?

This is a sort of “bonus post” for the day. I was organising (fiddling/ messing around would be more apt 🙂 ) my vanity and spotted these beauties which I have been using almost everyday the past couple of weeks or so.

So here goes.

If any of you ladies are on the look- out for some kick-arse make-up products/ cosmetics and are in the mood to splurge, then I have just the thing(s) for you.

I am not prone to raving about things, unless they are truly life- altering.

Na, I stand corrected. Mr H slips in a snide remark folks, I’m apparently prone to occasional bouts of exaggeration; especially when cornered into admitting a “non- essential” (read luxury) purchase.

Possibly, yes. But the products I’m going to mention next, are truly outstanding and I have been using them at every possible opportunity since I bought them.

For now I shall share the pictures alone. I will hopefully do a mini- review (short and crisp) of each in the coming days. Hopefully, this will be motivation enough for me to post on the blog more often, irrespective of how busy I am (which let’s be honest will be an everyday occurrence!)










Trust me, they ARE as good as they seem 🙂

Hope that is enough temptation for the day. Will furnish further details soon.

Till then.

Dr J.

Born this way.

I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.

Hello folks.

Aah, I loathe to admit that these wise words aren’t my own; they belong to Martha Washington- the first “First Lady” of the world perhaps.

In some respects, we might be leading much simpler lives, in comparison to the first first lady. We may not own estates and slaves, and we definitely are not the spouse of the supreme commander of a young but difficult, future- super-power nation. Yet our lives, in these fast and furious modern times, are complicated enough to make us yearn for simpler times.

We run relentlessly, pursue single- mindedly, chase implacably; our goals, dreams and aspirations. Yet, not for a moment do we pause to delight in the fruits our efforts. Pity, we seem to be leading lives of mindless pursuit.

We miss the nows and todays, in lieu of working for a better tomorrow. Cliched as it sounds, today WAS a tomorrow once. I am a prime culprit- of the above mentioned life- crime. I do not live in the moment, hardly. Hardly ever.

Don’t get me wrong. I really like being busy. LOVE it in fact. At least in my case, an idle mind is truly the devil’s workshop, even worse possibly. If found empty, he sets up shop and builds grand castles of disillusionment and lays wide fields of misery. Therefore, being occupied, all day, every day is fantastic.

The little sleep that the ‘busy minds’ get is heavenly, quick and thoroughly appreciated. Only those who slog the day away can understand what it means to fall asleep the minute your head hits the pillow, with your mouth open, breathing deep and even – a babe on you and an iPad with a chapter on managing the airway open somewhere in there as well. Hence, being busy is great folks. But I’m hoping to one day be able to actually enjoy the “busy- ness”. Does this statement make any sense at all?

I believe that we are inherently born with attributes which dictate our general disposition. Some of us, despite our circumstance gravitate toward contentment and joy, and some are drawn to misery and disillusionment, whether we want to or not. I also believe that though the first group may lead more gratifying lives, it is the second on whom the burden of advancement and creative pursuits is laid. The discontent fellow is forever seeking new thrills of innovation, discovery and progress. He believes that “making a mark” or “propagating development and change” may satisfy the incorrigible, demons-of- discontent within. He constantly seeks a reason for his existence, to the point where no achievement is rewarded, no success is celebrated. He moves on to new endeavours, still searching for the ever elusive feeling of gratification and joy.

So fret not friends, you are either a happy bunch whose lives are full but unremarkable, or an unhappy but productive lot of doers who rather unfortunately are also master whiners. Either way, your life is a good one.

All said though, I would like to hope that despite our genetics and inherent tuning, we can train ourselves to be happy. That we can will our minds to find a sliver of light even in perennial dusk.

On that note, I shall halt this rant. Before I started this post, I had no clue what I was going to write. The words came forth unwittingly, therefore apologies if they seem incoherent, disconnected and the least bit grammatically correct! I will not edit them, and post them as they are.

I shall hopefully return soon with lighter, “fluffier” posts.

Till then.

Dr J.

P.S. Have a lovely weekend everyone. And pray I have a “slow and cold” call tomorrow!

Amidst the everyday humdrumness, finding your little haven is paramount.

I often speak about chaos and the everyday mundanity of life. About troubles and banes. About the insanity of new motherhood and the accompanying weight of responsibility. I often unburden myself here on the blog and use it as a portal to bemoan my troubles, at the expense of you lovely folks.

Venting troubles online can be cathartic at times, but today I do not wish to whine, vent, crib or complain. I would like to do the contrary in fact.

After a crazy week (nothing new there!) and a hectic “call” yesterday, I sit here; at a random beach. With a belly full of greasy but tasty takeaway food, a neither hot nor cool breeze at my nape, an unreliable but super- swift 4G data connection, a sand crusted baby and a comatose (food- induced sleep coma to be precise) husband – I’m forced to admit that I’m content. Dare I say- happy.



The sea has always been my Shangri- la. Even as a young child, I loved the sea apparently. Maybe The Little One takes after me, as she too finds the beach to be an instant mood- lifter/ tantrum- crusher.

I digress. Apologies for the disconnected trains of thought. This isn’t a systematic, planned, censored post.

Yes. There is something in the saliferous sea- breeze, that calms my senses and soothes my frayed nerves. As the sun gently descends into the horizon, and the eerie blue of the sky and the sea become one, instead of mourning the end of another day I’m encompassed with a feeling of unguarded optimism and unwary hope. For a progeny seemingly begotten by the enjoining of negativity and pessimism, these feelings are both rare and novel. I shall hold on to them for as long as possible and cherish the warmth they provide, and hope they melt some of the icicles within.

Winter is at Qatar’s doorstep. It means the inexorable heat will finally relent and yield to some glorious evenings and nippy mornings. The flowers at the medians shall bloom (with some help from the hard-working “immigrant” gardeners) and the seas shall change their hue. The days will become surprisingly shorter (I type this in almost complete darkness at 1720 hours) and the taps shall finally run some cool water.

Already, I have stopped dreading the tread from the parking lot to the air-conditioned lobby of the hospital. Thanks to the fact that I don’t drench my shirt by the time I get there anymore. Dawn is delayed, and the harsh sun is still hours away, as I walk into the wards in semi- darkness at the wee hours of the morn.

Having the window down in the car is no longer unimaginable. A gratifying day in the OR or a hectic call-day now ends with a car- ride home; Sia belting harsh truths or John Legend crooning sweet nothings with the wind in my hair. Thoughts of being pummelled by a boisterous, delighted- to-see-me, little person as I step though the door topmost on my mind and pulling my visage into a perennial smile.

The glorious morning runs..

It must be the change in winds, or the cyclical inner calm in my head.

Aah, how I look forward to the coming months!

I plan to utilise and enjoy every such day, and I vow to whine a little less.

On that cheery note, here’s wishing all you folks a lovely weekend. And for those in this part of the world, hope you have a great week ahead.

Seeking our own little haven!
Seeking our own little haven!

Nite nite (as The Little One likes to say) folks!

Till next time.

Dr J.


Couple dynamics in contemporary families is a complex, almost incomprehensible affair. Our roles should not be defined by gender we promulgate, yet within the confines of our individual homes, away from prying eyes of family, friends and society;  we are often left wondering what it means to be The Wife or The Husband. We battle stereotypes and prejudicious beliefs that are deeply entrenched within our conscience and despite our elaborate education, extensive travel and exposure to varied cultures and experiences, we are left confused and conflicted.

Stay-at-home- dads and “helpful” husbands are sometimes demeaned. Women and mothers who work are often arraigned.

The only smart way to deal with all the internal conflict is to often just let things slide, and treat each day on it’s own merit. To not assign strict domestic roles and treat each task and chore as a separate entity. Easier said than done, I know. And what works for us, may not work for you and your family.

Weekends are ironically, the hardest days. A day(s) that should ideally be spent with emphasis on rest and recuperation, more often than not ends up being one of chaos and haste. The woman goes to sleep on the eve of the day in question, her mind full of plans and an almost a minute by minute blueprint for the next day. Of course, it is an entirely different matter how much of it actually transpires in reality. The man, despite his earnest intentions to help is mostly looking forward to a quiet day of eating and seating. Eating delicious (preferably home cooked) meals and ‘seating’ in front of the television, on the couch with his best friend aka ‘portal to the internet’ (not his wife in this case) on his lap.

At the end of the day, you are left harried and irritated, both of you; thanks to your different approaches and agendas. And instead of looking forward to or being prepared for another hectic work week ahead, you start the week jaded and fatigued. The cycle if not interrupted, rolls on viciously until it all reaches tipping point one day.

Therefore, for the sake of healthy experimentation and change, I have decided to not have even an iota of a plan this weekend. I have no clue when I might put the laundry in or if and when I might prep some meals for the week. Would I study for a bit? Would I actually check my blog or reply to my emails? Will I take Lil Z to the park or the beach? Will there be time to pick up some new toys and books for The Little One? Can I finally get to completing my weekly log?

Who the hell knows! All I know is that it’s almost time for lunch, and the sum total of what I have managed to do this morning is lounge on the couch and flick the laptop open, type random rubbish to you folks as I watch Morgan Freeman give the performance of a lifetime as Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding while Mr H and Lil Z snore the morning away.

Have a good one folks.

Till next time..

Dr J.

P.S. By the time I hit the “publish” key it’s past sunset (1730 hours). I sit at Corniche, sipping some tepid tea, alongside the weekend crowd; with the oddly shaped pyramidal Sheraton on my left, the quiet sea in front of me and the maddening Doha traffic to my right. So if anyone is around here, pop in and say hello. Or marhaba!

A post to announce an impending post.

Aah folks! The wordpress “new post” page is a sight for sore eyes.

I took up blogging over a year ago as a form for relaxation. A  pressure release valve. An escape from tedious reality. The concept of strange and unseen folks reading my rants and rambles appealed to my narcissistic sensibilities. It also let me occasionally sidestep into an alternate reality, any reality that I chose to conjure up in my twisted mind.

Soon, it turned into something more. A little bit of this, and a a dash of that; it grew into a tiny little haven surrounded with genuine folks and unbeknown friends. As life piled on it’s chores and everyday woes, this therapeutic daily ritual of typing slapdash thoughts onto the web was thrown onto the wayside.

I miss it though. Blogging. Therefore I vow strive harder. To post as frequently as possible. Hope you folks stay on. And hope the good times here come back 🙂

Have a rollicking weekend folks!