Hella folks. Just popping in to say a quick hello. Thank you for the lovely congratulatory emails and wishes. It is comforting to know that some you folks actually consider me a friend even though we have never met or spoken in person. The internet can sometimes be a fantastic thing.

The new little one is well. We had a few bumps along the road with his health (just like my first- my blood isn’t very loving toward that of my children’s), but those matters seem to be behind us now.

The older little one doesn’t seem so little anymore. She literally grew up overnight. I kissed a sleeping baby before heading out the door with contractions timing 2 minutes apart. I met her again in the hospital a few hours later with a newborn in my arms, and whoa! The Lil One was a baby no more. She was a proper little girl with no remanents of babyhood in evidence. My Lil one was all grown up- wearing a top claiming she was the “Coolest big Sis in town” and pigtails that were severely askew (thanks to daddy!).

As far as mama news go, I’m in the throes of the all consuming initial days of motherhood. Endless nursing, burping and changing with no sleep in sight. Make no mistake, I’m not here to whinge or whine. Things are surprisingly chilled out and I’m trying my hardest to enjoy this calm before the storm. The storm being being call, theatres and clinics while pumping frantically and having sleepless nights at home. This is due in less than 30 days now. Let us not dwell on that for the moment..

The sleep deprivation is hard even though people around me think it should be easier for me as I’m used to staying up all night at work. But call nights at the noisy hospital where everybody around you is also awake is very different from the dimly lit bedroom consisting of the helpless but alert newborn and helpful but asleep spouse.

Still, I’m better prepared this time. I can even make it through the night with no help at all. Some nights, I just veg out on the sofa under the flickering lights of the television and nurse on demand and let the boob- master sleep on me. I catch a few winks here and there. I am even letting the husband off the hook more this time. He has no paternity leave and therefore I only wake him up when I border on insanity. Which happens every 4 days or so, due to the cumulative effects of lack of rest/ sleep.

Anyhoo, the plan is to chill and enjoy every moment of maternity leave and get on with things with minimal fuss and whinging. Yes, that is the plan.

Till next time.


Full circle.

The genesis of this blog is rooted in the singular loneliness of a new mother.

The written word has always been my solace. Whenever I feel alone and detached from the hectic world around, I gravitate toward the written word.

This was meant to be a sort of online journal, instigated by massive changes brought in by having my first child in an alien land.

Even if you have a ever willing and helpful partner, mothering a newborn human is an endless, tiring, thankless, extremely lonesome task. You and the helpless little creature that you created and carried within you are encased in this impenetrable bubble of joy, love, frustration, sleeplessness and extreme but sweet fatigue.

It is all encompassing and overwhelming- more so if it is the first time.

I feel like I have just circled the block and come back to my starting point. The new addition to our tiny circle of joy is about ten days old. He entered the world with a precipitance that took even his hasty mum by surprise!

I had so many posts lined up for this blog. Hospital bag ones, last trimester ones, funny ones on being in the OR whilst being heavily, heavily pregnant…

Nothing of that sort transpired. Instead, I huffed and puffed to work, heaved my three year old up despite people around telling me not to and zonked out dead asleep at odd times and at odd places- until a few hours before birth.

I really, really wanted to be that cool, productive woman who worked on her research paper and published regularly on her blog while also doing on calls and cooking and reading bedtime stories to her first born till I pop- HAHAHA.

So, here we are again. Much has changed, much remains the same. This desert land feels so much like home now- I did not want to deliver anywhere else this time.

I am quietly confident yet the anxiety of nurturing another tiny human colors my every thought.

Life seems to have come around full circle.

Let the fun times roll …

Till next time.