Appam Chronicles…

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The quest for the perfect appam….

My fellow mallu’s (those who inhabit or originate from mallu land aka the banana state – Kerala) will know exactly what I am talking about. The perfect appam is different for different people. For me, they are magical things. I can wake up in a grouchy mood, sit at the dining table with a grumpy face…… eat an appam…and lo and behold… the world is a better place!

They are beautiful, sorcerous things; these appams. Poured onto gently curved pans which caress and shape them, they appear like the progeny of ocean pearls and French lace.  Wafts of steam gently rise from their surface as Mum softly places them on my plate. I like the edges to have a slight crunch and the centre soft and spongy. Dip them in some stew, or meat curry, or chickpeas gravy or even with just some good ol’ sugar and they melt in your mouth and fill your soul . Heck, I can even have them just as they are.

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A mother’s epiphany

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Morning, earthly beings. The clock shows 2 am. Sleep eludes. The mind wanders. It’s amazing how each day, each experience changes us. Adds another layer, another dimension. We evolve, mature and adapt. We think something is beyond us and yet we manage to accomplish it just fine. If every small experience is capable of altering us and our lives imagine how bringing another being into this world would affect us……

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How to get a Qatar RP/ Visa for your spouse/ wife?

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Morning folks. No bewitching post titles or aimless rambling today. Let’s get straight to business. Before I move on to anything Qatar related, I need to get this out of the way –

How to go about getting a resident permit for your spouse?

This will not be an all-inclusive, exhaustive checklist. Rather it will be a personal account of how things panned out for us, interspersed with snippets I uncovered during my research online and experiences shared by other expats. I make no claims of being an expert. If I have missed anything, do let me know. Share your experience. I will edit/ update the post if I feel I missed something.

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Mission vaccination.

It’s almost midnight. All is calm. Mr H and lil Zoe are both passed out. It was vaccination day today. I had planned my entire day around Zoe’s vaccination. There are those days when everything goes according to plan and you accomplish everything that you set out to do. Such days, at the end of it; you sit back, hark back and smile to yourself. Content.

Well… today was not one of days…

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The move- Part 1

Getting here…

This will most likely be a long post. Some of you might find it boring and irrelevant. Most might not have the patience to go past the first few lines. But someday, someone will look this up and find solace. Misery finds solace in misery. I am not saying it was horrible but it was not great either. The move, I mean.

Upcoming posts will be more be specific. Like “how to”, “where”. “when” types.  But for starters… It will be a pointless “vent-ogenic” rant.. So folks, kindly bear with me.

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Ms Surgeon Mum Etc- More about me and this space.


I am a daughter, sister, dreamer, bookworm, dancer, wife, surgeon and mum. In exactly that order, chronologically. This blog therefore would have a bit of everything.

Apart from books and music, I love travelling and day dreaming. After my “domestication” (like most Indian brides), I entered the kitchen for the first time and found that I also love to cook. Surprise, surprise.

Back in school, I was an arrogant nerd who frowned upon all things girly. But my “womanisation” occurred sometime during my early twenties. I now love shoes, bags, shopping and endlessly trying out clothes at stores. I love fancy watches and jewelry …. you get the picture…

On a tangent, I have somehow managed to maintain my “nerdyness”. I love the calm in the OR (operating room) more than most things in life.

In my bag, don’t be surprised to find the Newsweek, Hindu, Vogue, Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery and something by Kafka – all at the same time. Of course, now I have diapers in there too.

I love to run and dance. My knees sometimes complain and strike. So, I tried swimming…didn’t work (another story for another day) . I call myself a fitness enthusiast but sadly I also love to eat. Its all very counterproductive. Sigh!

So yeah, I guess that is enough for one day.

So much more to share….


Well, well …..

It is 9:25 am, and my lil one is fast asleep. I have chores to do and calls to make. I also need to take a shower (Sorry for TMI!).

But instead here I am- starting a blog. It was a random thought. A sudden idea. I have not even thought it through. I am not sure if this will last. Heck, I am not even sure if I can finish this post before my lil one wakes up. This is going to uncensored. No fancy words, no hoopla. Just some plain, simple, mundane but hopefully helpful truths.

This is not a beauty blog, or a travel blog, or a career one. Nor is it a feminist blog or a parenting blog. It’s not a lifestyle blog either.

It’s none of the above, and yet…… It might end up being one of the above or …..maybe even all of the above… Let us see… where things lead to….

I have always been one to go with the flow…

So you may ask ” what is the whole idea behind this?”. For the most part, it is to give an outlet to my “far too many”, never-ending “swirls” of thoughts that I can’t seem to get rid of. Another reason is to put up information on real life, day-to-day trials of family life (as an expat) in Doha. (For the few who don’t know Sepp Blatter and therefore do not know Doha, it the capital of Qatar. Look about 250 miles to the left of Dubai on your map!)

Everyday, I find myself googling “where to ————— in Doha?” or “how to———- in Doha?” and more often than not I come up with conflicting, biased, unnecessary and sometimes utterly useless pages. Even getting my family life started in Doha was challenging and eventful, to say the least. To make matters even more interesting, I gave birth to my daughter here- without even having a doctor/obg gyn to call my own! So, I thought I’d share my experiences and maybe help another fellow hapless soul. In the process, I can vent as well. It’s all good!

Here goes… So may things to share….

Oopsies! She is up and VERY hungry!

Till next time…

T Ta!