Appam Chronicles…

The quest for the perfect appam…. My fellow mallu’s (those who inhabit or originate from mallu land aka the banana state – Kerala) will know exactly what I am talking about. The perfect appam is different for different people. For me, they are magical things. I can wake up in a grouchy mood, sit at... Continue Reading →

A mother’s epiphany

Morning, earthly beings. The clock shows 2 am. Sleep eludes. The mind wanders. It’s amazing how each day, each experience changes us. Adds another layer, another dimension. We evolve, mature and adapt. We think something is beyond us and yet we manage to accomplish it just fine. If every small experience is capable of altering... Continue Reading →

Mission vaccination.

It’s almost midnight. All is calm. Mr H and lil Zoe are both passed out. It was vaccination day today. I had planned my entire day around Zoe’s vaccination. There are those days when everything goes according to plan and you accomplish everything that you set out to do. Such days, at the end of... Continue Reading →

The move- Part 1

Getting here... This will most likely be a long post. Some of you might find it boring and irrelevant. Most might not have the patience to go past the first few lines. But someday, someone will look this up and find solace. Misery finds solace in misery. I am not saying it was horrible but... Continue Reading →

Well, well …..

It is 9:25 am, and my lil one is fast asleep. I have chores to do and calls to make. I also need to take a shower (Sorry for TMI!). But instead here I am- starting a blog. It was a random thought. A sudden idea. I have not even thought it through. I am... Continue Reading →

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