Shit happens!

Boy or boy, has it been a crazy couple of weeks or what!

It is like the sky broke upon us just as the ground split open. And we were sucked into a vortex of ill health, work, childcare conundrums, bureaucratic limbo, silly rules and all round chaos.

We have survived folks!

We have, but barely.

Mr H, Lil Z and Dr J are breathing and living.

We now have new perspective on living miles away from family and support, in an alien land with nothing (except money perhaps) or no one to fall back on, in case of emergencies.

We still aren’t out of the woods yet, and will probably be in the woods for quite a while longer.

And “busiest” just got busier.


Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Right?

True eh?

Till next time.

Dr J.

*The routine posting schedule will change drastically from now on, hopefully you folks will still stick around 🙂

The Ladies Lounge- The Ultimate “Everyday- Lip” guide for olive/tan/ NC 30+ skin!

I have been slacking ladies, apologies.

I have so many posts in the pipeline, but have near- zero energy left at the end of the day to actually check up on the blog, reply to comments, or even put up the occasional “hello- post”.

I have had this post- idea for a while now, but have been putting it off because I will have to click and edit over a dozen pictures. But I’m in a ladies- lounge post sort of mood right now 🙂

I’m away from home, and therefore have no access to my lipstick stash. I shall therefore post pictures from the respective websites (lazy shortcut I know!). But trust me ladies, these are all fail- proof everyday lippies that you can slap-on on any given, busy day without a care or bother of how they might turn out.

They are all intensely researched, tried and tested under varied (read “extreme”) conditions and temperatures, and will never appear “made- up” or “doll-ey”

Here’s presenting my top selection for the everyday- chic, work apropriate lip products.

And yes, almost all belong to the same (or similar) color family of “pinky- browns” (with a hint of peach possibly). It is a personal preference and one that me thinks (humbly of course) looks great on us yellow/ olive toned ladies. It is also very muted, and hence appropriate even in the most conservative (read “male- dominated”) of work settings.

To the brights- loving, adventurous ladies or those working in more colorful, creative environs, the following list might appear a tad boring. You ladies may find my “party-lippie-list” (in the works) more appealing!

I promise I shall do swatches and reviews someday 🙂

  1. Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTÉ – Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 – ULTIMATE BEIGE (3)s1148436-main-hero-300

  2. TOM FORD Lip Color, Indian RoseNMC0Z06_mk

  3. Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Intense Nudeel_sku_YJRR18_558x768_0

  4. MAC Satin Lipstick TWIGmac_sku_M3EW33_640x600_0

  5. MAC Amplified Crème Lipstick COSMOmac_sku_M3LN02_640x600_0

  6. YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Rose Stiletto 9ff4773f1cb5e9308d94fbf85d219f6e0

  7. BURBERRY LIP DEFINER – DUSTY ROSE NO.02900ef67dff459b1c5a22ea10dc09fbc68811b993

  8. MAC Lip Pencil SOARmac_sku_M38059_640x600_0

  9. MAC Lip Pencil Spicemac_sku_M38022_640x600_0

The last two are discontinued I think, as I can’t find them on the Revlon website. But if you can get hold of the Revlon ColorBurst lipcolors in Soft Rose and Rosy Nude do pick them up, they surely are a bang for your buck!

Barely there

There you go ladies, the next time you are at a lipstick counter, and are looking for an everyday lipstick, or if your are a lippie- newbie and are not too adventurous, these would be great, safe- choices for work- wear.

And yes, they can be rocked by anyone, but are particularly suited to the lovely, tan folks here.

Till next time.

Dr J.

*All pictures are from the respective product/ brand websites except the last.