The Week That Was….. In pictures!

Another week unfolds and wraps up. It pelts along before one can contrive any plans or dwell on any happenings. For memories to be registered, one has to look back and reminisce at least once; after which the memory can be recalled at future occasions. So, what memories do I have to register today?

Last iftar of the first Ramadan- Nothing fancy; just simple, home made fare.

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Ma’ Wednesday! Giving birth in Qatar….Part 4

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The results.

Another dawn approaches. J’s body seems to be running on reserve mode. Sleeps for minimum possible time. Eats just enough for sustenance. It is amazing how quickly gaiety can turn into utter desolation. All J wanted was to go home. With a happy, healthy baby….

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Eid at the H household!

*Warning – This will most likely be a very long post. Kindly grab a cup/mug/glass/goblet of your favourite beverage before you sit to read this. Gather some munchies as well if you wish… Enjoy!

Some say they will not celebrate Eid this year…. Reasons?

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Yaaaawn…. Have a Lovely, Joyous, Blessed Eid folks!

“All human plans [are] subject to ruthless revision by Nature, or Fate, or whatever one preferred to call the powers behind the Universe.”

― Arthur C. Clarke, 2010: Odyssey Two

Will tell you folks why I started with this quote- hopefully tomorrow! For now, I’d just like to wish everyone a joyous and blessed Eid! For those who don’t celebrate Eid, hope you have a great holiday. Sit back, relax, catch up on some sleep, take your kids to the zoo, pamper yourself with a spa appointment, or visit a friend who does celebrate Eid and hog some Biryani…

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Going to get your wisdom tooth removed?


A friend called me last evening; he had a facial infection thanks to his sneaky wisdom tooth/ third molar. The poor chap’s face was swollen and he looked like he had been in a car crash. He could barely open his mouth and was running a fever. The darned thing hadn’t even erupted. It was causing all this mayhem whilst being cosily nestled in its bony abode.

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Watch the watch dude! Men and their time- pieces.

Watches have evolved from mere timepieces to personal statements. From functional mechanical contraptions to much- coveted pieces of art. J always judges a man by his words and deeds, but the watch (and shoes!) does partake in formulating a first impression.

A watch need not be overtly luxurious, exorbitantly pricey, or pretentiously branded; but it should reflect the essence of the man wearing it.

Incidentally, the thing that stood out for J about Mr H, when they met for the first time (eons ago!) was his watch… (and then the shoes…)…

The watch speaks of the man wearing it. Here are Dr J’s 13 default categories of men as determined by their  timepieces:

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Blogging . The first month! Help!


It is finally time to go to bed, and guess what the time is? 3:40 AM. My day started at 6 AM this last morning. I’m bone- tired and blogging is the last thing I want to do (apart from putting up Z’s laundry which is still tumbling in the dryer!). But I cannot slack today. Definitely not today.  Today marks the one month anniversary of this humble blog.

This began as a consequence of solitariness and the need to connect with friends. Friends who I could no longer meet every weekend, or call when the impulse arose. Friends who are peppered across the globe, all insanely busy and in keen pursuit of their dreams.

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The week that was- Ramadan tapers off. Festivities commence.


I am a very fickle person, prone to mood swings and crazy behaviour.  Most weeks are a mix of happiness, restlessness, satisfaction and discontentment. The past week was unlike any I have had in a while. The usually muddy, stormy waters in my head are surprisingly clear and still. I know for sure this state will not last. But I intend to savour every bit of it for as long as it lasts.

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Ma’ Wednesday! Giving birth in Qatar….Part 3

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Part 2 –

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Calm before the storm….

J is finally taken to her room at midnight. As they wheel her across the corridors, she cranes her neck to look at the miracle beside her. Nestled amongst generic hospital blankets, the lil one looks spectacular. Tiny eyes scrunched up, angelic face making undecipherable expressions and perfect lips meeting and parting involuntarily. J finds it hard not to stare. She wishes they would place the little one next to her. She cannot stand the distance.

The nurses settle J into her modestly-sized but clean room. They are all kind and helpful. They do a final check on her, give her some instructions…hand her the all important “bell” and then leave the room.

She is told that Mr H is on his way to visit her, and that he cannot stay for the night. J can’t wait for Mr H to hold the little one …..

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Grubbie Tuesday! Recipe- My almost perfect Appam.

*If you have not read my “Appam Chronicles”( )….please do so before reading this…. Helps with the continuity…

Morning folks!

So, you know from an earlier post how I learnt to make these delightful rice and coconut lace-hoppers . Half my pregnancy was spent in appam-making, failing and then perfecting.

Appams are a well-loved and popular breakfast food in a Kerala (state in southern India). My earlier post on them led to some people asking for a recipe.

At this point, I would never call myself an expert. I am still in the process of perfecting “my recipe”. This is not my mum’s recipe.Or my mum-in law’s. This is a recipe to obtain appams the way I like them to be. You can play around with the proportions of the ingredients to get different types of appams (softer, crispier, with brown undersurface….)

If you have never eaten an appam, I suggest you try one. Eat it with meat curries, stews, chickpea gravy, potato curry, sugar, jam; any accompaniment actually.

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