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Naysayers are dime a dozen. Opinions are often uncalled for and unconstructive. People are inherently flawed. Plans by virtue of being plans, are fated to fail. Life’s a hard taskmaster, and destiny is a brutally slick mistress.

Oh! it’s all good fun!

Despite the odds, and the likelihood of utter and complete failure; I am going to give it a go. I have already cut a deal with the masters of the universe. Price to be paid- sleep, sanity, dignity, peace, quiet, time, energy.

Let’s see if we can have it “all” shall we?


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  1. Hiya! Are you still in Doha? I am an ex maxfax wannabe..due to unforeseen circumstances, I stopped training after my PRHO jobs in the UK many moons ago. I have just moved to Doha and would like to work in Palliative Care Medicine. Would be very grateful for any info you can share. Thanking you in anticipation.

  2. Dear Dr J,
    I have been in doha for about 2 years now and getting help from reading your blog about how to settle in.
    Just wanted to get in touch with you over email to ask about nurseries for my daughter! She is 5 months old now! I took a break from work for the delivery and would want to resume work when she is 8-10 months old!
    My email id is!
    Please get in touch whenever possible!

    Trust me, a lot of moms find courage and peace reading your blog! Keep up the good work! Really appreciate your help!

  3. Dear Dr., I have moved from Blore 😉 to qatar under family sponsorship. Went through the medical process at MC for my daughter (age 10) and self. My daughter’s status has moved to fingerprinting, thanks to the simplicity they have towards children!

    But am stuck !!! After two rounds of x-ray on day 1, I received a message for another round of x-ray. I completed that too. After 4 days of waiting, I receive a message to go to Rumailah Hospital. Will I now have to go through all the line of tests including Mantoux (3-4 days) > Sputum (3rounds) > Blood tests + the only available dates for each of these tests?

    While I have been reading all the gory stories around this process, I am worried that my child’s school admissions might get affected with the long time that may be taken in my medical test process.

    While I am sure that my health is in good condition and may not result in a disease positive scenario, I just want to know if they allow my RP to be stamped even if there is any minor issue?

    1. Hello Nandini. I know this is not what you wish to hear- but you will have to go through the whole ordeal before your RP can be stamped…

  4. Hey Dr.Jaz,
    I had a chance to visit your blog, It really is informative & helpful especially for people who are new to doha.
    I have a query on the RP of my newborn daughter. Would you please guide me on the process & i also want to know under whose sponsor she would be….? (Father or Mother)…..


  5. Dr.J
    My Mom is prescribed to take Tayo 60K once a month, by mistake she has taken this twice in one month…does it has side effects, as the dose was taken twice in one month?

    1. Romal, you could speak to your doctor about it, if you have any concerns. Tayo is mainly cholecalciferol (a form of Vit D) and for it to be toxic, you have to ingest a really large amount …more than two tabs a month that is.

      Still, an excess of vitamin D causes abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood (hypercalcemia). This can severely damage the kidneys, soft tissues, and bones over time.

      So, if you (your mum) have any concerns relating to the above organ systems, please speak to your physician ASAP.

      1. Dr. J, Tayo was prescribed to her in India when she has undergone complete body checkup, she is on a visit here at the moment, although she does not have any kidney issues, but she has been diagnosed early osteoarthitis, she takes calcium supplement daily, just worried, as you have mentioned excess calcium level in blood.
        Do you advise me to see a general physician here in Doha for the above?

      2. Like I mentioned Romal, if she had excess calcium in her blood (dangerous levels), there would be external manifestations. Most likely, your Mum is doing just fine. If you are still concerned though, please see a doctor for your peace of mind (also seeking medical information on the web is never a good idea :-))!

  6. Hello Doc,

    I stumbled upon your blog while I was just browsing frantically through the web in search of Bangalorens (Bengalureans now rather) in Qatar, as I might potentially travel to Qatar for 3 months on an assignment from my company. This will be my first time away from home (I’ve not been out of Nammane even nationally 😨). Would there be anything or any place where I can find the feel of Bengaluru so that I don’t end up being homesick? I’m more worried about being homesick more than anything else 😦

    1. Not really Seriously!

      From the weather, to the roads and traffic… the people; everything will seem alien for a while. You could chat up expats from Bengaluru on Facebook maybe, and hit the Indian eateries in town.

      Honestly though, if you don’t mind me asking… why would you want to feel “at home” in another country/ town/ place. Whenever we have lived in a new country/ city; there is this constant subliminal longing for our home and birthplace, just beneath the surface of all the expat excitement….it is what “makes” the expat experience. And every time we go back home, it makes the visit/ return all the more intense and sweeter.

    2. And don’t worry about being home sick…you surely will, but you will most likely be too busy to notice 🙂

      1. Geez, you’re right. Most likely I’ll be busy even to notice that I am feeling home sick. It’s not that I want to feel at home. I haven’t stayed away from my family and city for almost 3 decades. So was not very sure if I’ll be overwhelmed altogether with the feeling of being an “expat” (feels a bit weird to hear that though 😛). Just the feeling if having people of similar cultural background.

  7. though a passerby…had to come back to clarify that it was not a mockery for sure 🙂 …blame it on my overdose of comics…btw like i mentioned before you are seriously helping the newbies out here through your blogs and the ones that go under your knife…..along with being a wife and mom….and yeah your myriad of hobbies… are no less than a superwoman 😉 !!

    1. Aah passerby friend! Flattery corrupts both the giver and receiver I’ve heard…Yet, thank you. I shall bask in it for a while and then wallow in self doubt for a bit 🙂

      Hoping to you see you around here often friend..

  8. Hi ..Im from Bangalore residing in Doha from last one year with my husband.I am currently in India with my two month old baby and want to return to Doha before july 1st week.Can u please tell me if I can.get an on arrival visa for my baby if i travel before he is 90 days old??

    1. Hey Supi!

      From what we know, and from experiences of friends and acquaintances; you should be okay if your come within 90 days. But the rules here seem very fluid, and everyday springs new surprises. At present your best bet is to land here asap and hope for the best 🙂
      You will then have to sort the little one’s RP in less than a month or so. Also I’m assuming you have not been out of the country for more than 6 months…

      Best of luck and do let us know how things pan out!

      1. My husband was asked to apply for the little ones visa but visa was deffered.Now he is asked to produce his bank statement of 6 months .Any idea how long it will take for the visa to get changed from deffered to approved?.

      2. Usually not long. But then it’s Ramadan now, so it’s hard to tell friend!

  9. I’m new to Doha…(landed from BLR recently to be precise)… stumbled upon your blogs while skimming through random info to get familiarised with the un-familiar land…couldn’t help leaving without commenting the work that you have done here…especially with sharing your experience…that too detailing every rigmarole…kudos….keep writing….btw loved the mask in the pic….some how reminds me of a character out of Marvel…a “super woman” helping weaker souls….!! 🙂

    1. Aah Mr/ Ms Passerby! Welcome to DOH and to this blog. Lovely to have you here. And though I laugh at the exaggerated flattery (or possible mockery? 🙂 ) , it is sincerely appreciated.
      Thank you!

  10. Iam an indian wife. I and my kid is on visit visa. My little one is now 3 month old. We like to go mesimeer health centre in abu hamour. how much will they charge for vaccination. Or is it free of cost for visit visa. Please reply as soon as possible

    1. Hello,
      It is done free of cost, as far as I’m aware. Do visit the health centre with your passports and visa documents. It is in a way easier for folks who are on a visit visa!

  11. Hey Dr.J, I need a favor and I dont know whether it is right forum to check it out with you. My company is basically a manpower consultancy firm and one of our prestigious clients require a nurse (male/female) with valid Supreme Council of Health License on an immediate basis. If I can provide them with this position it will be a good entry for me on their project for their other manpower requirements. Is there any way you can help me on this matter. Please forgive me if I was wrong in asking and kindly delete this post. Thank you.

  12. Arrived last week in Qatar, the very same day Mangalayan entered Mar’s Orbit but I landed in Mars. Oh yes your blog is wonderful except for the sugical mask. Take care and keep writing.

    Thank you.

    1. Aah! Welcome friend!

      Welcome to “alien land”, or utopia as some would tell us!

      Why is the surgical mask so “un- wonderful” ? Pray tell…

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