Runday Monday- Ramadan fitness.

Here goes.

Is it possible to fit in a workout whilst fasting during the day, and juggling everything else a working mother has to do during such a month?

Shall give it a go, I suppose. Have done it before (conveniently forget facts- was then a surgical trainee, living alone, with no responsibilities to speak of outside the hospital), haven’t I?

Only two time slots available. Pre- dawn/ suhoor. Post sunset/ iftar.

Considering dawn/ suhoor is at around 3:10 AM, guess option number one is a no go.

Tried option two last evening. Reworked the little one’s schedule, packed up after her dinner and hit the road.

‘Twas gusty and dusty, but the sea air was surprisingly fresh and invigorating. Thought we’d be close to dead by the time we were done, but in reality it turned out to be a tonic for the glycaemically confused body.

The sea-spray on my left and the city- lights on the right.

Let’s take it up a notch today, shall we?

The only overriding point being, there should be some fuel in the tank to burn, and I should be able to eat almost immediately after šŸ™‚

And considering SOME people cannot purgeĀ their gastronomic demons, and are often guilty of eating one too many (rather ‘ten too many”) fried delights; this seems to be the only way!

Till next time.

Dr J.

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