Day 10- Pursuits less worthy?

10 days Frozen 2 X 3 (maternal obligation) Frozen 1 (torture) Black hawk down Olympus has fallen London has fallen (obviously) Ayyappanum Koshiyum Action hero Biju (revisit) Bala John Wick A quiet place Triple frontier The Witcher- Season 1 The dark knight trilogy (again!) Sherlock Holmes Elementary - random episodes Lucifer- random episodes 10 days.... Continue Reading →

The Obsessed.

“Don't bend; don't water it down; don't try to make it logical; don't edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.” ― Franz Kafka The problem with mercilessly following our intense obsessions is the relationships that we leave on the wayside. The fun- times that we discard at... Continue Reading →

The Bright Side.

Hiya folks! How has 2017 been treating ya guys thus far? All 18 or so hours of it. Our little family isn't one to 'ring in the new year' with festivities or parties. I rarely send out new year messages or cards. And the first of January is just another bloody ordinary day. No resolutions.... Continue Reading →


Lately, I have been thinking that I am stuck. Stuck in a rut. On a hamster wheel that obviously isn't going anywhere. It's odd though. If you asked me three years ago, where I'd like to be three years on- the current state of affairs would seem to be a great place to be in.... Continue Reading →

Hello there!

Yay! I have found my way back to the blog. I am not a fan of the all-too-often used word "hiatus" and therefore shall refrain from using it to explain my absence here. I have no fancy excuses to cover my a%s* (the usual - sickness, horrendous rotation schedule, family, travel, weddings...); but things got... Continue Reading →

Runday Monday- Ramadan fitness.

Here goes. Is it possible to fit in a workout whilst fasting during the day, and juggling everything else a working mother has to do during such a month? Shall give it a go, I suppose. Have done it before (conveniently forget facts- was then a surgical trainee, living alone, with no responsibilities to speak... Continue Reading →

It is all a lie.

It is all a lie folks. All the idioms and phrases and euphemisms. All the wise- men -speak. All the "elder's wisdom". We are fed lies and half- truths from the moment we are born. All meant to keep us in check. Decrees, rules, conventions and principles to rein in the innately unscrupulous human race.... Continue Reading →

Bringing back some order…

Things may change around here. Apparently, this blog is becoming too random for comfort. So the Husband says. Is it, folks? It started off as  Qatar Expat Diaries, turned into Myriad Interests cum Travelogue. That then morphed into Dr J's External (Public) Brain/ Journal. Now it seems to be veering off on to the Beauty... Continue Reading →

The end of the world…

  The end is near lads. Life seems rudderless. Oh Lord, how am I to survive! I'm lost and lonely. Friends faraway, hope ye' all doing good. Mum, hope breakfast was good, And hope Dad didn't throw a fit. My other Mum, hope things have quietened down, Hope Kerala is not in chaos anymore. Wonder... Continue Reading →

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