Grubbie Tuesday- The ultimate love affair!

I might not look like it, but I love food.

Not the superficial, just- saying- it- coz- everybody- does, flimsy, fleeting, reasonable sort of love. No sir, no.

We are talking about the hard-core, wild, unhinged, loony, bizarre love.

The kind that can make you laugh for no reason. That can better your day and lift your spirits.Depraved of which you are fractious and dour.

Red velvet cupcakes with lightly sweetened cream cheese frosting has a better effect on my ill- natured mind than an hour of meditation does.

A well- made Shawarma and it’s moist, succulent innards can make my evening, and even the morning after.

Spicy prawns, fried in fiery Indian spice- mix and clarified butter, and served with pristine white ultra- short grained, cardamom and cinnamon spiced, fragrant, butter rice is equivalent to nirvana.

Cheese crust pizza and Parmesan suffused pasta…Lord!

Heck, even an expertly made cup of tea, or the perfectly ripened banana or mango will do.

It’s the ultimate love affair.

The love that never fails you.

The lover that never deserts you.

A true soul-mate.

One that feeds your body and fills your soul.

That brings your unadulterated joy and unrestrained pleasure.


If only I had a plate of these with me right now….

Shawarma Wrap  Fries


All my troubles would be forgotten for the night!

Wine and narcotics be damned. You are The Intoxicant Supreme.

I miss thee my sweet love.

Soon we shall meet again…


Till next time…

The Shawarma Fiend (in association with The Dairy Demon & The Bakery Monster)


P.S. Dr J and The Health Nut are fast asleep- in a calorie induced stupor! They shall return tomorrow, hopefully….

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