Runday Monday- Excuses!


It was a special day. A watershed one. Zoe is standing, all by herself. All quivering and unstable, but standing.

And on the same day, Mama suddenly finds out that her clothes don’t fit. Her favorite pair of pre- pregnancy jeans are loose. Yes. You read that right- LOOSE!



It’s fantastic when the naysayers and negativity breeders are proved wrong.

She was told things will never be the same again. She was told to get rid of her old clothes.

She was told she would never find the time. That it would all be a bit much.

Her “healthy” cousins who hated her skinny physique were finally delighted. Pregnancy and child- birth will fill her out they whispered.

She was told a lactating mother should not exercise. Apparently it messes up the supply.

She was told, the fat stores would never dwindle.

She was told she would never run like before.

And she believed them. Just enough to make excuses for her lazy lifestyle.

Just for a couple of months.

Until, the pure insanity of motherhood pushed her to the brink.

Until running became more of an escape rather than the love it once was.

The excuses started to fade away.



Yes, we don’t have a battalion of nannies. We don’t have million- dollar personal trainers and fancy gym memberships. But honestly, where there is a will, there is a way folks.

And please, oh please don’t let the “well- wishers” get to you. They mean “well” but they have no idea what they are talking about.

In our part of the world, marriage and motherhood is an excuse to give-up. Throw in the towel, literally and otherwise.

We are asked to give- up everything we enjoy and hold dear, and live out the rest of our lives FOR THE FAMILY. No harm. If that is what you choose. But ultimately, we have but one life. And our excuses, mean nothing to anyone. They are meant to fool only ourselves.


Having a family, it the most glorious gift of life. But, sneaking an hour or two for ourselves is no crime.

I am no motivational speaker. I ain’t a fitness expert. I am no one special or extra- ordinary.

I am an ordinary working daughter, sister, wife, mother who struggles to get through each day with her sanity intact.

The to- do- lists never get done fully. There are always chores pending. At least one person is pissed off with me each day. I  nod off on my laptop each night. I drive my husband crazy with my antics. I inwardly curse some whiny, nagging patients. I have almost zero tolerance for shoddiness or ineptitude from juniors at work. I change diapers at night, with my eyes closed; half- asleep. I am impatient and swear at the guy who cuts me off on the road. I don’t eat as healthy as I would like to. I binge on sweets and savory fried stuff. I cannot always squeeze in a work- out everyday like before. And I hate waking up in the morning.

I am as imperfect and flawed as the next person. If not more.

I also make a million excuses each day.

I think these excuses are my shackles. They stop me from being the best I can be. From fulfilling my potential.

I fight them everyday.

Someday, I shall conquer them.

A full and final victory. Someday….

It's paying off!
It’s paying off!


Till next time…

A struggling fitness junkie!

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