Nerdy Sunday- Weekly bookshelf preview. And over-hyped, under- performers….

What’s on Dr J’s book shelf this week?

Aah..nothing spectacular folks! It’s time to dust off old undergraduate books and start pouring over the “basics” again. Whole bunch of exams coming up 😦

The “reading- for- pleasure” books will soon dwindle, and probably become non- existent again in the near future. The magazine subscriptions will keep me abreast of all the political ruckus and the current fashion/ style ballyhoo.


The usual mish- mash of texts, journals, magazines….


Old work-horses!
Old, trusty work- horses!


A festive, edition. Ideal "bathroom" reads ;-)
A festive, edition. Ideal “bathroom” read 😉


Excellent issue. All the snobby, blatantly intellectual, politically sensitive Indian reader- pick this one up.
Excellent issue. All the snobby, blatantly intellectual, politically sensitive Indian readers-kindly pick this one up.


Occasionally, I have this uncontrollable urge to re- visit an old classic. I rummaged through my half- a- dozen- cartons and found this one in the last one…


Oldie but goodie!
Oldie but goodie!


I was 13 I think, when I first met Catherine and Heathcliff. Ill fated though their romance was, the book made me crave for a Heathcliff in my life….

Next, Anna Karenina is calling out to me from the depths of carton no. 4.

And yeah, I do try and read to Zoe, but she is more interested in grabbing and ripping the book apart!

On another note, there have been a couple of books that I have read recently which were immense let- downs.


The Fault in Our Stars- best seller?
The Fault in Our Stars- best seller?



Gone Girl- New York Times best seller!
Gone Girl- New York Times best seller!


These books have received rave reviews and have topped several best- seller lists. But I cannot for the life of me, see what the fuss is about. They are average books. Run- of- the- mill even. With predictable plots and endings. Even the prose is nothing extraordinary. Or so I think. Of course I am no expert. Just an average, run- of- the- mill reader.

I guess an 18 year old Dr J might have thought otherwise. She might have enjoyed them more.

I might review them, I have not done a book- review for a while now.

So folks, any book recommendations for the week? Please don’t mention anything from those weird,  fabricated  “bestseller” lists. I am looking for an obscure, hidden gem that not many know of or have read. Preferably something dark and moody; convoluted. J is in the mood for something dark and convoluted!

Till next time…

Dr J.


5 thoughts on “Nerdy Sunday- Weekly bookshelf preview. And over-hyped, under- performers….

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  1. Sorry for the double comment!

    Another Hosseini fan!! Picked it up from Jarir ! Loved all the three books! I love his old fashioned way of story telling!

    Aadujeevitham will haunt you for a while. Its one of my favourites in Malayalam. Don’t know whether an English translation is available or not.

    1. Oh no issues….Spam me if you so wish!
      I too am a fan of the “old style” of story telling….of languid prose and lengthy, scenic descriptions ….of mood setting and detailed characterisation….. The so called new- age writing is becoming predictable and repetitive… Passé!

  2. hello Dr. J! I am not much into reading, but recently I really enjoyed ‘And the Mountains Echoed’ by Khaled Hosseini and ‘Aadujeevitham’ by Benyamin. Last week I read Fifty Shades of Grey and regretted reading it!

    1. And the mountains echoed….now that’s a good read Jaz…I pre-ordered it…and read it the day it arrived…am a fan of Hossieni’s work….
      Fifty Shades of Grey… Well… I read the entire series… For the sake of completion! And honestly, wanted to see what the hoohaa was about….
      The third book you mentioned….I assume it’s in Malayalam…if so… I’m ashamed to admit….it might take me a a few months to finish it…. That is how bad I am at reading in my own mother tongue!

  3. Hello Dr. J! I am not that into reading, but recently the books I enjoyed wholeheartedly was And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini and Aadujeevitham by benyamin. Last week I read Fifty Shades of Grey . Trust me when I say this, I never regretted reading a book but this was an exception!

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