The Ladies Lounge- Time to bother about skin- care?

Hella Ladies!

Wish I had the patience to tell you my back- story.

The one where a nerdy, tomboy-ish school captain who didn’t know what the terms “kohl” or “foundation” meant and was a boy- among- the- girls slowly transforms into a Vogue reading, Jimmy Choo loving girl-among- the- boys.

My colleagues are almost always men. Most of the nursing staff are women of course, and they are all friendly, lovely ladies. But they keep their distance. Don’t ask me why. That’s just how things roll.

The men are mostly courteous and polite. But they are still men. I hence have to partake in and sometimes laugh at (depending on their seniority) at some really bad, sidey, sexist jokes. I also realize that men aren’t as unaware of female primping and pluming as we think they are.

A senior surgeon once commented to the anesthesia resident (male of of course) about how a certain scrub nurse was in dire need of a “mustache wax”. He then turned to me and asked how much a full body wax would cost in Bangalore!


Then there was this consultant, who seemed to be obsessed with eyebrows. He once told me how he thinks a woman looks downright shabby and unkempt  if she does not thread her brows. He was reducing a fracture, but was looking right at me as he said this. The unconscious girl on the table (the patient) had bushy brows, I noticed then.

I remember running to the bathroom after the case, and checking on my not-so-archy arches. I didn’t remember my last “parlour” appointment, but they looked alright. Barely!

Last week, a male colleague commented on my extra- dry skin. Told me to try argan oil. His wife apparently douses herself with it before going to bed.

The same day, I finally made it to a salon to chop my hair off. (I had decided to go super short, about two months ago. As is my mien, I dilly- dallied for ages.)

As the hair- lady cut my hair, she tsk- tsked at my poorly skin. She asked me what moisturizer I used. I felt like some one was asking me an out- of- syllabus question at a high- school viva- voce. I blurted out the name of the first fancy moisturizer that popped into my head. (For the uber curious- it was Clinique Dramatically Different Gel!)

I came home that day, and stared at my reflection in my foggy bathroom mirror. I noticed the spots, the acne marks, the blemishes, the almost- imperceptible- but-still- there wrinkles, the dark under- eyes, couple of surgical scars and the peeling, scaly, dry, winter skin. The years of neglect had taken it’s toll.

I ain’t even thirty yet.

Enough. I decided.

It’s time.

Like always, I did my research first.

Then field testing.

I know the science and medicine behind aging and skin damage. Yet I decided to go down the lotions and potions route. It’s a multi- billion dollar industry after all. There must be some truth to it.

I threw out all the old and expired night creams on my vanity. All the trail packs and impulsive drug store buys.

I went hunting for a decent day- moisturizer and a night cream. For starters.

And moreover, no amount of concealer can mask horrible skin and make- up looks horrid on dry, splotchy skin.

So yes. That is how I embarked on a skin- care routine. It’s been a couple of weeks now. I religiously slap on creams and serums after my nightly shower. It’s my one indulgence these days.

Mr H finds it all very amusing. He doesn’t have to bother. Without any effort on his part, he still has baby- soft skin! And even the slight early- greying and it’s salt-and-pepper consequence turned out to be appealing rather than aging. Aaah…the injustice I say!

I may not not have Lady Luck by my side, but I have the entire beauty industry behind me.

I was hoping to start sharing my experience with you ladies, by reviewing the night cream I currently use. I was hoping I would be of some help to fellow horrible-winter- skin sufferers. Because, all my trouble seems to be paying some dividend. My skin DOES look and feel better!

But looks like Zoe had other plans. She seems to stirring, and will probably wake up any moment. The key is to be beside her before she can open her eyes, and lull her back to sleep again. It’s tricky business!

Next time then..

There is more to THIS story, folks!

Till then….

Dr J.


3 thoughts on “The Ladies Lounge- Time to bother about skin- care?

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  1. You know as a plastic surgery colleague to you, I have to tell you that there us no evidence that ANY cream will stop the aging cream, EXCEPT sun screen, it is the only thing (apart from smoking) that has shown significant difference in facial aging in twin studies.

    1. 😦 Yeah… true!
      As of now, I shall settle for non- dry, supple looking skin. Nothing more!
      If and when the time comes…I will always have friendly plastic surgery colleagues like thyself, who can help me out 😉

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