A “phone-y” conundrum- In the words of Mr H.

Eons ago, she said she wanted a “big” phone.

I nodded.

She said she hated bulky, hard-to- maneuver devices.

I concurred.

She wanted a small, nifty mobile.

I encouraged.

She craved a flip phone.

I “hmmmm-ed”.

She was”done” with touchscreens, when the whole world was gaga over it.

I appreciated the novel and unique thinking.

She insisted on a qwerty keyboard.

I was used to the idiosyncrasies by now.

Android is brilliant, she said.

Android is “blah”, she then said.

Apple is “simply” superb, she told me.

Apple is prissy and pretentious, she then said.

Nokia is dying, she said.

Windows is a “loser mobile OS”, SHE SAID.

Windows looks good again, she then said.

I nod and hum and smile and concur.

The small screen is killing her, she one day said.

The pictures are useless, she whined.

Niftiness is no longer a consideration she told me.

The QWERTY keypad is juvenile, I was told.

I knew not, what to say.

Occasionally I provide valuable, forcefully elicited but rarely followed advice, input and suggestions.

She complains how the humongous phones feel alien and odd in her super small hands.

Unlike most others, she USES her stylus, she says.

I know not the makings and working of her crazy mind.

I can only imagine the storms they hide.

I try to tide over each one, with my sanity intact.

And with the least possible fuss.

But then, even the most patient have their limits.

Oh Lord! please push mine further.

She leaves for the store for the final time- knowing EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS.

I heave a sigh of relief.

This time, I know she has her head in the right place.

Or so I think.

I’m proven wrong.

Yet again.

My insanely crazy, impulsive, unpredictable wife has done it again.

This wasn’t even in the top 5.

Heck, it wasn’t in her list at all.

And now she claims she’s in LOVE.


I am resigned to my fate, folks.

This is the end to the phone-y conundrum- for THIS YEAR.

The fickle creature, is content.

Happy for the moment.

Peace and calm prevails.

The calm before the next storm!





Mr H.

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