Dr J. Who?

They ask. I tell.



Born In Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Twenty something.

Pushing thirty? Naaah!

Pseudo Malayalee (Malayalam is spoken primarily in the Southern State of India)

True Bangalorean.

True Heritage- Kannur, Kerala. Possibly Arab- Portuguese- Dravidian with a dash of Aryan blood. Blah!

Languages- English (DUH?), Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Smattering of Telugu, Arabic.

Perennially in a rush.

Snob at first sight, accommodating on further inspection.

Powerful built- in sensor for “bull-shitters”.

Also installed- never-fail “Mallu- radar”!

Drawn to impulsive, creative, crazy folks.

Pretentious, wanna- be’s stay away please! Thank you very much!

Book hoarder.

Shoe crazy.

Food lover.

Prone to mood swings and unpredictable bouts of extreme sanity and out of control madness.

In love with a practical, sane, rooted, calm, calculating, nerdy science guy/ man, who can fix anything.

Never have to pay a handy- man or call a computer/ phone/ car/ ac mechanic!

Married to a pseudo- Tamilian who is more Malayalee!

Loves Sci- fi and fantasy tales.

JRRT. GRRM. JKR. If you know what they mean- you can be best friends!

Dreams of living in an airport.

Thinks Crocs are hideous.

Hates it when someone calls Harry Potter a children’s book.

Will never admit to reading Mills and Boon in 7th grade!

Thinks Kafka and Kahlil Gibran should have been man and wife and should have procreated to make another great writer.

Likes the smell of blood.

Placing continuous sutures is calming.

Has a hard to place accent. But a Bangalorean will catch it instantly.

When In UK, was asked “Are you Latina” often ? “Espanol” ?

Can laugh at oneself, but hates the weird nonsense that people in the West are fed in the name of “Indian accent”. Indians are not bobbleheads and we do not speak that way!

Tokyo, Pairs, New York, London, Casablanca, Rome, Istanbul, Barcelona and Beijing are cities to mark- off before death.

A day isn’t complete without some hot-chocolate and cookies!


Till next time….

Dr J.



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