The Ladies Lounge- Currently Crushing!

1. Have been on a “get-back-to-basics”, “simple- mysteries” trip lately. And am therefore re-acquainting myself with some “old” but “gold” sort of authors. No high- tech mumbo- jumbo, no terrorism sub- plots and no violent heroes. It all all about the leisurely investigations, colorful characters and intellectual and engaging protagonists.

No one does it better than Agatha Christie- Have been on a back-to back-to back Christie marathon…

photo 1 (18)

2. Have always loved these little beauties from BBW. More so for their redolence than their sanitizing properties. Currently in love with the  Midnight Pomegranate and Raspberry Lemonade…..

photo 5 (9)
3. Not one to wear bright, bold lip colours; this one was an impulsive, almost whimsical buy. It is yet to serve it’s purpose- but the other day I wore it at home while doing the dishes. Must day , I felt like a Diva even with unwashed hair and faded pajamas as my only accessories!

Ladies, do try this one- Relentlessly Red from MAC.

photo (56)

4. Love these satiny, classy, not-so- expensive wedges. I usually despise wedges, but these I like! I get the extra- inches I want (they don’t look that high in the picture, they are much HIGHER in reality) without having to totter about in stilettos with baby in hand.

photo (55)

5.  My Sweet- Tooth is a very fickle devil. He changes his mind ever so often. These are his current favs..

photo 2 (17)

6. Did not adore it when I first got this in January. It has grown on me since- a sweet, summery fragrance.

photo 1 (17)

7. This highly raved about hand cream is not life- changing or earth- shattering. It is nice. Moisturing. Fragrant. That is all.

photo 3 (10)


So, these are the things I’m currently crushing on. What about you guys/ ladies?


Till next Saturday….

Dr J.

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