Ms Surgeon Mum Etc- More about me and this space.


I am a daughter, sister, dreamer, bookworm, dancer, wife, surgeon and mum. In exactly that order, chronologically. This blog therefore would have a bit of everything.

Apart from books and music, I love travelling and day dreaming. After my “domestication” (like most Indian brides), I entered the kitchen for the first time and found that I also love to cook. Surprise, surprise.

Back in school, I was an arrogant nerd who frowned upon all things girly. But my “womanisation” occurred sometime during my early twenties. I now love shoes, bags, shopping and endlessly trying out clothes at stores. I love fancy watches and jewelry …. you get the picture…

On a tangent, I have somehow managed to maintain my “nerdyness”. I love the calm in the OR (operating room) more than most things in life.

In my bag, don’t be surprised to find the Newsweek, Hindu, Vogue, Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery and something by Kafka – all at the same time. Of course, now I have diapers in there too.

I love to run and dance. My knees sometimes complain and strike. So, I tried swimming…didn’t work (another story for another day) . I call myself a fitness enthusiast but sadly I also love to eat. Its all very counterproductive. Sigh!

So yeah, I guess that is enough for one day.

So much more to share….


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