Well, well …..

It is 9:25 am, and my lil one is fast asleep. I have chores to do and calls to make. I also need to take a shower (Sorry for TMI!).

But instead here I am- starting a blog. It was a random thought. A sudden idea. I have not even thought it through. I am not sure if this will last. Heck, I am not even sure if I can finish this post before my lil one wakes up. This is going to uncensored. No fancy words, no hoopla. Just some plain, simple, mundane but hopefully helpful truths.

This is not a beauty blog, or a travel blog, or a career one. Nor is it a feminist blog or a parenting blog. It’s not a lifestyle blog either.

It’s none of the above, and yet…… It might end up being one of the above or …..maybe even all of the above… Let us see… where things lead to….

I have always been one to go with the flow…

So you may ask ” what is the whole idea behind this?”. For the most part, it is to give an outlet to my “far too many”, never-ending “swirls” of thoughts that I can’t seem to get rid of. Another reason is to put up information on real life, day-to-day trials of family life (as an expat) in Doha. (For the few who don’t know Sepp Blatter and therefore do not know Doha, it the capital of Qatar. Look about 250 miles to the left of Dubai on your map!)

Everyday, I find myself googling “where to ————— in Doha?” or “how to———- in Doha?” and more often than not I come up with conflicting, biased, unnecessary and sometimes utterly useless pages. Even getting my family life started in Doha was challenging and eventful, to say the least. To make matters even more interesting, I gave birth to my daughter here- without even having a doctor/obg gyn to call my own! So, I thought I’d share my experiences and maybe help another fellow hapless soul. In the process, I can vent as well. It’s all good!

Here goes… So may things to share….

Oopsies! She is up and VERY hungry!

Till next time…

T Ta!



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