Back to base

Surprises, change and death are probably the only constants in life.

I was pleasantly surprised when folks I have never met, asked about my wellbeing and said they missed the written word of this wandering mind. I’m thankful, and yes; a little jiggered.

Anyhoo, thank you once again to the faceless email-ers. I would like to report that I have moved again. This time- back to base. To the place I have always called home. Surgery has brought me  back home. Or rather the desire to learn something new has got me here.

Mr H continues to enjoy the expat life, albeit in a different country this time. Sleeps, works, eats and trains whenever he pleases. A beautiful existence if you ask me.

Lil Z (now 5!) has squabby Dum Dum (2 already :-)) for company. They drive me nuts, try to commit sibling homicide, go to school, keep me up and miss their Papa. They have grandparents around, who they mercilessly bully. For now, this is how things are going to be. Until my training here is done, at least.

Yours truly still loves all the same things. Sweating, cutting, guffawing, reading and whining about sleep deprivation.

So, as you folks can see- nothing much has changed around here!


Till next time,



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