Rundays are back!

Hiya folks. God it’s been long. I have just been going with the flow the past few months. The mission each day is “Survive Today”. And so everything except the bare necessities of family and work life have taken a back seat. No. Not the back seat, they have been kicked out of the room and in fact out the building and block even!

Lately though, even though I feel like I’m juggling half a dozen balls in the air whilst wearing a double eye patch and riding a unicycle on a tightrope across the Grand Canyon – I have been wanting to do more of the things that once made me ME. The true me. Not the mommy me or the surgeon me or the wife me.

Last time I did a runday post I had mentioned that I am quitting running. At that juncture in life, I had had enough of my rickety knees and the runs were getting mundane, uninspiring. I had lost the running mojo and forgotten how enjoyable it used to be. How liberating. How it could clear my head and help me make decisions. How challenging and rewarding.

Anyhoo, I have tapped the dust off my trainers and gotten back on the road. It isn’t going to be the same though. For starters I plan to run only once a week, and mainly for pleasure. Will not push my knees past their limits. I cannot spare a single day off, therefore I will willingly do nothing that even remotely jeopardises my well being.

Running once a week, will do nothing to rid me off my post partum jiggles though. For that, I might have to hit the gym. I am not really the gym rat, but tough times call for tough measures. We’l see ..

Till next time.


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  1. My daughter, who has a three year old and a sixth month old, also makes time to run several days a week. She assures me that it improves her mood and helps her feel in control of her life.

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