Lil Z’s guide to Beaches in Qatar! Episode 1- Dukhan & Zekreet

Hello dear aunties and uncles! Long time, no see no? I’m sorry. But you see I was very busy the past few weeks. Rolling over, trying to make new sounds, sitting up- I had so much to do; and practice. I am happy to report that at five months I can sit with Papa and watch news; without any help! Cool no?

So as Mama says, let’s get down to business.  I have been given the responsibility (cool, big word that I often hear Mama use!) of taking you dear folks around my current hometown.

Mama loves beaches and water; I may have already mentioned it last time when I spoke about Doha Corniche (Click here to know about it). Whenever they get a day off, Mama and Papa look into the map and randomly pick an area on the Qatar coastline. Then we pack some food and juice and off we go in our big, grey car!

Papa likes to drive and fiddle with maps – G P S it’s called, I think. Mama like to meddle with the stereo in the car and keep flipping the songs. She is also our photographer. Always nagging Papa to stop the car at odd places. They have so much fun while I sit strapped in my seat, hardly able to move. Sometimes if I cry, Mama will put a video on for me. They teach colors I think. I’m fed up of watching it. Please, somebody tell her to show me something new.

A couple of days back, Mama was itching to dip her feet in the sea. She wanted to go for a long drive. We decided to go to Dukhan beach.

It was just after Eid. So we packed all the leftover, yummy Eid food (which I can sadly not eat) and left. Mama in her pyjama like pants and Papa in his three- fourth pants. Just like that!

It was afternoon, and very, very hot. The car was hot and uncomfortable when we got in. My almost bald head was wet with sweat!

Mama got along some really nice music. The roads were wide and very empty…



We kept driving, and driving……..Zzzzzzzzz

Ooops! Sorry….. I must have fallen asleep…. When I woke up, we had reached the beach. But Mama was not getting out. I wondered why…..

I looked out and saw many, many gentlemen…. All in nickers/ loincloths/ lungis and the like…. It was very crowded….. Papa said, Let’s go someplace else….


He then took out his phone and did what he seems to really like doing. Play with the map. He told Mama there is a fort nearby. ZIKREET FORT, apparently. Mama got excited. FORT! She really likes unexpected adventures. She was jumping in her seat. She said, Yallah, lets go!


So, we drove some more. There was nothing to see outside. I was sooo bored. Just brown mud and wide empty roads. No trees even. More surprisingly, no Landcruisers!

_DSC0788 _DSC0799

Suddenly, we took a turn and there were trees there. And next to it, pretty looking sand/ mud formations…



_DSC0804 _DSC0801

DSC00286 _DSC0798 _DSC0797

We could also see the water from afar….

The beach was empty. Hardly anybody there. Some uncles were trying to fly though, with weird looking balloon like thingys. We drove on and found a SECLUDED spot….

Mama loved it. She immediately folded up her pants and went prancing into the water, while Papa and I watched and giggled…He He …Sometimes Mama gets a bit loony!

It was very sunny, so I hardly got out. We mostly sat in the car and drove around….


The water was almost turquoise blue…. Please don’t mind, I cut Papa off and put superman (which Papa is by the way!) there…


Now Mama and Papa were looking for the fort. From what I understood, it was supposed to look like a big, old, stone building. Papa followed the Map Lady’s instructions and ended up here….

_DSC0839 resize


_DSC0830 _DSC0832 _DSC0835

This FORT turned out to be a pile of stones!

Back in my own country fort’s look like this…


Or like this….


But Mama said that the view of the sea from atop the heap of stones is SPECTACULAR (another new word I learnt)…


Mama and Papa were disappointed. But we drove around some more. We came across some abandoned, old- fashioned buildings and homes. There was even an ANTIQUE- looking mosque. Papa says they could be RECREATIONS of old structures….

_DSC0849 _DSC0854

This solved the mystery ….


Just beside the above board…. Is this a RECREATED land rover?


We were still driving along the sea, when we saw this…. Is this that uncle’s home?


We drove along the sea for quite a long time. There were hardly any people there. Maybe, it was too hot. Maybe only my parents are mental enough to come out at 47 degrees!

Soon it was tea- time. And we went to a nearby shopping center (which was 15 minutes away) and had some tea. Of course, they did not give ME any….


We then decided to head home. It was evening already. And all the sun and heat was taking it’s toll on all of us.

The road was empty again. But this time, it was very dusty. Apparently the weather department had predicted this for the week…

_DSC0875 _DSC0872

We reached the city pretty fast. Just as we did…. Mama and Papa saw this funny looking car and got all excited. I did not see what was so great…. We see cars like this here, everyday…


Anyways, the trip back home was quick. Papa drove exactly at the speed limit and got us home in about 40 minutes. We apparently drove around for exactly 200 kilometers (source- Papa). We left home at 12 pm (stupid of us no?) and were back by 7 pm. I was fast asleep by then.

In short, it was a nice trip. Would have been nicer if it were winter here. Maybe we could have sat on the beach and relaxed. Had a barbecue maybe. Right now, it is too hot….

Time for bed now. Will be back soon, hopefully. So many more beaches to cover!

Till the next beach….

Lil’ Z.


5 thoughts on “Lil Z’s guide to Beaches in Qatar! Episode 1- Dukhan & Zekreet

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  1. There’s a a running joke which goes something like I want to go on a road trip but I live in Qatar.. Lol.. And that’s one plus point about Saudi.. They have different sections for families at the beaches.. Much more privacy

    1. Here too, there are designated beaches for families…. not many though… But yeah, if you live in Doha, reaching any part of the “country” will only take a couple of hours at most!

      1. Absolutely! All of them are absconding here…. So no flashing headlights for a few days!

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