What’s on my book- shelf this week? And reading routine.

Hella folks!

My last “What’s on my book-shelf” post was ages ago. Things have changed a bit since then.

I am back to work again… Yay!

Have applied to a couple of fellowships as well, so I maybe a fellow soon.

Back to the crazy hours….

I have to get back into the game. Read up. Dust the old textbooks and open the journals that are lying untouched and brush up on the current literature. This means I will have to scale down drastically on my “non-surgical” reading ūüė¶

No worries though. I am content. The book- monster is englutted.

I had a fantastic year. The break was exactly what I envisioned, in some ways.

I read like a maniac. Caught up with all my nerdy, bibliophilic peers who had left me far behind, thanks to  residency.

Pregnancy and Nursing Time was time well spent.

It’s time to move on. On to the next chapter of life.

So, what IS on my shelf this week?



Twelve Years a Slave (on the iPad)-  You folks know my pet peeve. I HAVE to read the book before watching the movie.

The Hindu– Newspaper.

No Easy Day– Started it weeks ago. Then left for the Epic All- Kerala trip. Hate unfinished books.

CIMS– A drug index. Need to be up to date on all the trade names and dosages.

FEMINA– An indigenous Marie- Claire/ Cosmo mash-up.

The Caravan– Something I saw on the News-stand at my local grocery store. Seemed new. Picked it up. A journal of politics and culture, the blurb said. I love the tamasha, that is Indian Politics!

Surgical Journals- Finally got them out of their postal envelopes!

Stell and Maran’s– Ahem… need to start studying for endless exams again!


I am old- fashioned when it comes to newspapers. I still love my morning paper with my tea/ coffee/ milk, first thing in the morning. And it better be a paper- version!

When in Doha, it is the digital version though.


The local newspapers and the press are very different in Qatar. Gulf News (one of the very- few English dailies in Qatar) is sort of a “world- news- synopsis” with a barely there local touch. In a sense, one can never really know the “real news” in Qatar. Hence, I don’t bother buying the paper. I just skim through it anyway. I get my world news from other sources.

Sometime during the day, whenever I have time to spare, or in between patients or during lunch, I make a “news- round”. It’s a habit that I picked up from Mr. H. He is the true news- monger. The news addict. I am only a mild case.

The tabs are neatly book- marked and ready to go…



Starting with the Times of India and and ending with Doha News. That satiates my inner news- hound.

The magazines are read in waiting rooms and on the dining table. It’s a habit that irks Mr. H to no end.

I read at the dinner- table.

I can watch TV, eat, talk to him and read a magazine at the same time. I truly can!

Magazines are light reads anyway. They require very little “brain RAM” is my routine defense.


Journals and texts generally involve highlighting, note- taking etc., which is a pain these days. Lil’ Z wants it all to herself. The books, the pens, the notebooks, the highlighters…..

And I might have to get used to the occasional wrinkly page and torn up notes. I might need some therapy for that!


Non- surgical reading is reserved for nighttime.

My down- time.

De- stress time.

Go- to- sleep time.

While Zoe sleeps and Mr. H fiddles with his laptop and reads more news analysis….


I read on all devices and at all places. 


So, what’s on your book- stand these days folks?

Any conscience altering reads that you might suggest?

And no, I DO NOT read in the toilet!


Till next time…

Dr J.

6 thoughts on “What’s on my book- shelf this week? And reading routine.

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  1. Hi Dr.J. I came across your blog while searching for the Stell and Maran’s book. I live in Doha and I needed to borrow this book for a week. Would you be kind enough to lend it for a week. I promise to return it back in shape. I already have my own copy back him but need it only for a week while in Doha. I can leave a deposit with you in case you’re worried I might run away with your book.

    1. I definitely would have Sam, if only it were here in Doha. It sitting all cosy in my study at my Mum’s place about 3000km away!

      1. Thank u so much. that was the one I needed. But grateful for your response and help

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