The Ladies Lounge- Wedding snippets.

I wish I had made outfit posts. But I truly did not have the time or the energy. But I did click a few pictures, here and there. I thought you ladies might enjoy them.

I dusted out my heavily worked upon sarees and unwrapped the hibernating silks from their muslin shells. I also got the chance to finally shed some sunlight on and air my safe- deposited jewelry.


My Saree for the Nikah (the wedding ceremony)
I warned you of the bling!
Even the shoes aren't spared of bling.
Even the shoes aren’t spared of bling.
A simpler, more functional high- low- cut chudidaar and mochis (a type of shoes) for the after- nikaah festivities.
Prepped and ready...while the little one naps.
Prepped and ready…while the little one naps.
Crochet for the after- party.
Crochet for the after- party.
A "uniform" for the Mehendi- all the cousins were supposed to turn up in off white.
A “uniform” for the Mehendi- all the cousins were supposed to turn up in off white.


Ahem…. I am not even sure I should share this. But then an outfit post wouldn’t be complete without the jewellery.



















The purses….. Clutches all the way.










I might go back to the old pattern of posting about specific topics on set days of the week. Haven’t done a grubbie Tuesday of  Runday Monday in a while…

Till next time…

Dr J.


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  1. Very nice. I wish I could show you the outfit I wore for my daughter’s wedding, which was much less spectacular, but WordPress doesn’t do images in comments. As for bling, I wore a few old, much-loved items.

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