Pre- dawn blogger ramble.

Zoe occasionally likes to wake up at odd hours of the night and search for Mama.

With eyes closed and mouth open.

And after Mama does what she has to do, and gets her sleeping again (it does not take much effort most times); she too falls right back into the welcoming arms of the Mr Snoozy.

Then there are nights like this.

When the baby goes back down peacefully and Mama is wide awake.

Like Red Bull awake.

I- just- heard- the- world-is-coming- to-an- end awake.

I- am- leaving- to – the- airport- in- one- hour awake.

Bl@#$% hell- why- can’t- I- go- back- to- sleep awake.

Aaah! She sighs.

Nobody tells you these things. It’s all part of the Secret Code of the Sisterhood of Motherhood. Only to be revealed once inducted into the fraternity, after which the knowledge is of no consequence anyway.

A few months ago, she might have turned to a book at such times. Or some trance music (don’t ask!).

Today, she lifts up the tired, old visage of Mr. Lappy and starts to engage the rickety, hesitant keys.

You know one has truly been bitten by the blogging bug when there is random, cerebration- emesis at 3: 30 am.

Working as a surgical resident and becoming a mother, with almost no break in between the two, can completely (and possible irrevocably) re-set and re- arrange sleep patterns.

The apparent taken- for- granted, vital necessity becomes a newly- appreciated, not oft-begotten luxury.

It ain’t all dark and bleary though. Both residency and motherhood blesses you with one gift.

The gift of Anytime Anywhere Anyhow Sleep.

Of Five Minute Supercharged Sleep.

Of Super- light, Sleep – Like- Almost-Awake Sleep.

On another note…

Most days she wishes she were a man.

Life seems so much easier for them!

Or maybe not.

For they are destined to marry and sleep next to crazies who begrudge them for their sleep and whine about the good things (to the entire world wide web no less) at 3 am…


4: 30 am? Whoa…

The dreaded alarm shall ring in an hour folks.

She considers wearing her running gear before trying to fall back to sleep. Might allow her an extra fifteen minutes of sweet, precious, lovely, fantastically, beautifully, wondrous sleep….


Till next time…

Dr J.



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