Bringing back some order…

Things may change around here.

Apparently, this blog is becoming too random for comfort. So the Husband says.

Is it, folks?

It started off as  Qatar Expat Diaries, turned into Myriad Interests cum Travelogue. That then morphed into Dr J’s External (Public) Brain/ Journal. Now it seems to be veering off on to the Beauty and Style path. Eeks…

The focus early on was on writing, I stayed up late into the night; rocked the baby with one hand and typed with the other. I put up raw, unedited rants and rambles. I liked that.

Until I got bored of it.

Other than in the OR, there is nothing or no place which can keep my attention for long. And so Bangalore to Doha meandered along other paths, aimlessly.

I liked that as well!

And going by the humble yet steady views, so do the readers I assume.

The men, if all the womanly/girly stuff numbs your brain, then please ignore The Ladies Lounge. But my suggestion would be to read them as well. You may get a clue as to why we women are so bizarre and mental.

Yes. Order. We may have to work on it. Order is good. Especially now since My Time seems to be stretched thin.

We shall try. Really really try!

Till next time…

Dr J and J.



Apologies for the staccato- ish strain of thought. And the oddly placed capitals you ask? Yeah… I read that darned book- The Fault in Our Stars!



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