The fabulousness of an imperfect life.

There are possibly only three constants in life- boredom, change and death. Death is of course irreversible and inevitable and we shall talk no more of it, at this present juncture. We shall let death lie in wait, for another day. Boredom and change are inseparable bedfellows. One cannot be without the other, and one... Continue Reading →

Saturday nights.

Saturday nights are precious. The one night in the week when I can do as I please. Stay up till sunrise if I so choose. Without remorse or prospects of dire consequence. A night I look forward to, from Sunday morning and thereafter. The anticipation of which colors my day bright. The excited expectancy gathers... Continue Reading →

Beauteous, baseless, unreasonable joy.

“I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don't have complete emotions about the present, only about the past.” ― Virginia Woolf There are days such as these, where mundaneness begets joy. When the ordinary becomes cherished. When nothing... Continue Reading →

Friday Flutters- It creeps up again..

It come and goes. Waxes and wanes. Gathers and disperses. Blooms and withers.   The blinding light and the pitch black. The all- enchanting angel and the all- consuming demon. Both within. And without. Ripping apart. And making whole again.   The misery and ecstasy, bound irrevocably. Inseparable. The joy is superfluous. Reasonless. Beyond rationality.... Continue Reading →

It is all a lie.

It is all a lie folks. All the idioms and phrases and euphemisms. All the wise- men -speak. All the "elder's wisdom". We are fed lies and half- truths from the moment we are born. All meant to keep us in check. Decrees, rules, conventions and principles to rein in the innately unscrupulous human race.... Continue Reading →

Of this moment.

You go to sleep one night. Mind full of worries. Anxious of petty upcoming matters. Fretting over trivial inconsequential problems. Your body gives up. For no rhyme or reason. You never wake up. You wake up. You head to the bathroom. You are pissed at yourself for not waking up early. You will now be... Continue Reading →

Midnight wonts.

Mademoiselle Zoe drifts off, reluctantly. Unwilling to give up, she holds on to restless wakefulness until the cozy, welcome embrace of sleep finally wins her over and takes her over to the other side. To dreamland. A land of lilies and puppets and endless newspapers for her to rip and boundless water for her to... Continue Reading →

Fragmented -3

Click to read earlier chapters. He knew he was awake. He knew it was morning. His brain had powered on, but hadn't 'booted to start' yet. He kept his eyes shut, and let his mind wander. He thought of the things he would have to do today; the chores and the mundane errands, the endless... Continue Reading →

Recap Thursday- Que Será, Será.

Whatever will be, will be. This has been J's motto for the week. Be it Lil' Z's schedule, work, exercise, food, traffic, family, LIFE.... sometimes it's best to let things be. Not to waste valuable life- force, fighting. You may not get what you desire. You  may not be in the state to fight for... Continue Reading →

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