Runday Monday! Routine for the day.

Total time- 30 minutes or thereabouts (Pretty pathetic I know!) Music- the following track on loop. Warm up- Jumping jacks 50 squats will almost 20 pounds added resistance (in baby form) 50 walking lunges 50 alternate side leg raises 50 front and back alternate- leg raises 5 push-ups - barely(yep, it's gone that bad) 20 push-ups... Continue Reading →

Runday Monday- Working out at work- 1

Holding a retractor still for 5 hours, or being on call for 24; I have opportunities aplenty everyday to do my top 5 secret exercises. All you hotshot executives, high- flying bankers and pressed- for- time, maven IT folks; you too can try these. In your corner offices, cubicles, conference rooms, restrooms, even the airplane;... Continue Reading →

My running compadre.

The day I really want to run, I can run barefoot. Up a hill. In a saree.With my hair untied. With no caps or sunglasses or sunscreen. The day I really want to run, I can run in 5 inch stilettoes with no platform. On a cobblestoned pathway….The day I really want to run, I... Continue Reading →

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