A Thalassery wedding.

Weddings in our part of the world are colorful, clamorous, chaotic, boisterous affairs. The focus is on the food and and merrymaking usually involves a lot of singing, clapping and jumping. The clothes are very extravagantly embroidered, sequinned and colored. The guests might seem to be on a quest to outdo one another in terms... Continue Reading →

The ladies lounge!

I was out and about last evening, in search of an ergonomic soft structured baby carrier. Mr H finds the name/title itself hard to comprehend and thinks it's a tongue twister! I got in and out of stores, doing quick reviews of all the items on display. Mr H, being the exceptionally kind- hearted, patient... Continue Reading →

The Shameless Consumerist.

 Mr H calls J a shameless consumerist. The type that advertisers love and capitalistic economies thrive upon. The type that drives minimalistic, sustenance- only, under- the-top individuals like him nuts!J has always vehemently and vociferously denied the accusation, of course. She believes she only buys what she ABSOLUTELY NEEDS. Nothing more, nothing less.Why would they... Continue Reading →

Lust List! To drive away the blues.

The post- holiday blues refuse to loosen their stifling claws. How does J usually tackle such a tribulation?1. Run till her legs give way. The sweet pain of the post- run soreness ( the next day) masks all ills of the mind.2. Read till the mind is littered with the author’s words. The words bring... Continue Reading →

Dr J and The Wayfarer

Morning folks! When you folks purchase, covet or wish for something- what dictates the desire? Is it pure aesthetics? Or exclusivity? Flashy exuberance maybe? Craftsmanship possibly…. A desire to stick with the herd? Or to show- off your class and breeding… Peer acceptance…. Unconsciously, so many of these factors influence our decision when it comes... Continue Reading →

Watch the watch dude! Men and their time- pieces.

Watches have evolved from mere timepieces to personal statements. From functional mechanical contraptions to much- coveted pieces of art. J always judges a man by his words and deeds, but the watch (and shoes!) does partake in formulating a first impression. A watch need not be overtly luxurious, exorbitantly pricey, or pretentiously branded; but it... Continue Reading →

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