Currently Crushing!

We are well into May folks, and my April favorites post is tardy, to say the least. Better late than never eh? 1. The Summer Scent- Davidoff Cool Water Let's start off with the summer scent shall we? This is an old favorite, and an almost signature summer scent. Love the androgynous feel/ smell of... Continue Reading →

The Ladies Lounge- Currently Crushing!

Holla Ladies! I am tempted to make a silly pun as an opening to today's post. Apologies. In advance. If it irks you or seems overtly cheesy - HELL! MARCH HAS MARCHED BY! March of 2015 involved a lot of packing, unpacking, re- packing, scheduling, planning and organizing. And travelling, of course. I have my... Continue Reading →

The Ladies Lounge – Out in 5 mins!

Going shopping in Doha is different from shopping at Bangalore. Unlike Blr, shopping "bare-faced" isn't recommended here 😉 The sales attendants just don't take you seriously! So, with a toddler in tow (whoa! she's officially a toddler now) how does one get out of the door in 5 mins? The changing bag is a marine's... Continue Reading →

Currently Crushing- Feb 2015!

Oops! February just whooshed by and I barely had a handle on things that I had to do and get done. The Shopping Fiend was in check as well, mostly due to dearth of time rather than intent 🙂 Therefore, my favorites for the month are mostly oldies that were either lying forsaken or things... Continue Reading →

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