Here’s wishing everyone ….

It was one of those days. A day when nothing productive happens, and yet there is not one idle moment. A day when all plans go awry and one gives up on them long before the day ends. Every Eid- eve is ridden with chaos and peppered with uncommon unpredictability- no matter how much one... Continue Reading →

An existential crisis…

I was greeted with this notification after I published yesterday's post.   I was vaguely aware of the number of posts being in the 90s, but was pleasantly surprised when the number 100 popped up. 100 posts! Ficklemindedness is my trademark trait, supplemented with an occasional lack of self- motivation and surplusness of procrastination. All combined, things... Continue Reading →

How much is too much?

Morning y'all! Another mall story coming up.... Seems like I prowl the malls a lot! Well, I do; actually. And there are several reasons for it:- Shopping (sometimes) Window shopping (most times) On days that the weather does not allow outdoor exercise, I put my trainers on and pound the endless square meters of the... Continue Reading →

Last winter…

Last winter was spent in the throes of blissful gestation. In the anticipation of a new arrival and in the excitement of making a new place home. We spent every spare moment exploring the city, shopping and dining out. Here, family life starts after dark. Don't be surprised to see children playing at the park... Continue Reading →

Of my pride and her prejudice.

I would not consider myself to be arrogant or unjustifiably vain. I try to be non- judgmental of people based on their color, caste, creed, nationality etc. I try. I really do. I also try to avoid stereotypes.I hate stereotypes, but I guess everything becomes a "stereotype" for a reason. It is no secret here... Continue Reading →

Living the Expat Dream….

Last evening, the entire gang (J, Mr H, Nu and Lil Z) visited their local supermarket. They cavorted amidst the crowds and aisles, had popcorn and muffins, raced with the shopping carts, made funny but surreptitious comments on fellow shoppers and somehow managed to get some grocery shopping done in the process. At the end,... Continue Reading →

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