Letting go.

Wanting to be in control is a basic human attribute. Needing to be in control is a specific personality trait. An annoying trait on most occasions, and crippling at others. It is a need that consumes you from the inside; an ever- present, relentless, churning desire to be on top of things. To know what... Continue Reading →

Of fleetingness and the ER.

  Working in the ER constantly reminds you of the undeniable ephemerality of life. The fleetingness of it all. One minute you are having your breakfast and next minute your coffee cup is on the floor, and you cannot move your hand to pick it up while your mouth utters garbled sounds. In the fresh... Continue Reading →

It is all a lie.

It is all a lie folks. All the idioms and phrases and euphemisms. All the wise- men -speak. All the "elder's wisdom". We are fed lies and half- truths from the moment we are born. All meant to keep us in check. Decrees, rules, conventions and principles to rein in the innately unscrupulous human race.... Continue Reading →

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