Of numbers and milestones.

I am a numbers and statistics loving woman. I just noticed this.. Considering how little time I spend with this much loved baby of mine, these humble numbers are comforting. I wish I could do more here. Interact more with other bloggers and diversify. But I really am stretched to snapping point. So yeah. Our... Continue Reading →

Happy 10,000 views!

Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening friends, I woke up to a bright, languid, pleasant morning. I woke up to three beautiful things. A sonorously breathing, fast-asleep husband with calm and serenity writ large over his face.     A tiny hand with razor- sharp nails trying to abrade away my face and pulling out my hair strand... Continue Reading →

My method to blogging.

Almost two months now, since this capricious exercise commenced. Many ask how and when I do it.Today, I am in no mood to ramble. Therefore, it shall be a brief post. Here goes…Why?Because I wish so! I started on a whim, and will most likely end as such. Let us just have fun as long... Continue Reading →

Nothing is coming! And 50th Post!!

Like Russell Peters says … “Nothing! Nothing is coming son…. Nothing…..”I’m going to make a stark and honest admission here. I have nothing  to post today.  I’m barely afloat. My plate is so full that I can barely hold it up, let alone eat from it! Like always, there are words galore swimming in my... Continue Reading →

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