Runday Monday- Limbering up again!

STRETCHES. I love 'em. There are certain I do before my run (after a light warm- up course) and several I like to do after. Loved the stretch-time at dance class. And on the sporadic gym trips the best part was the stretching. Oh yeah! I also venture into yoga occasionally and I guess everyone... Continue Reading →

Runday Monday- Excuses!

It was a special day. A watershed one. Zoe is standing, all by herself. All quivering and unstable, but standing. And on the same day, Mama suddenly finds out that her clothes don't fit. Her favorite pair of pre- pregnancy jeans are loose. Yes. You read that right- LOOSE! Ha. It's fantastic when the naysayers... Continue Reading →

THE first half- marathon : Thought thread.

Starting line Wow, so many turned up… As if that chudidar and adidas auntie will finish! Buhahahha… Am I looking good…. Do I look "pro" enough…. Oh oh! Is that fool there checking me out…. Oooooh…. My playlist… Yeah okay… Thank God music is allowed for this one… Seesh …. They have started….. 1 km... Continue Reading →

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