Friday Flutters- It creeps up again..

It come and goes. Waxes and wanes. Gathers and disperses. Blooms and withers.   The blinding light and the pitch black. The all- enchanting angel and the all- consuming demon. Both within. And without. Ripping apart. And making whole again.   The misery and ecstasy, bound irrevocably. Inseparable. The joy is superfluous. Reasonless. Beyond rationality.... Continue Reading →

Ma Wednesday- Meet ZOE!

You folks have heard scores of "ZOE stories". Don't you want to meet the star of this blog? Introducing Ms Z aka Z/ Zoe/ Lil' Z..... 9 months old. Slightly crazy. Moderately stubborn. Extremely inquisitive. Almost walking. Selective eater. Mandarin connoisseur. Baby Einstein¬†cognoscente. Master facial contortionist. Tongue- twisting, eye- ball rolling, ¬†ambidextrous maverick. Daytime insomniac.... Continue Reading →

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