Of numbers and milestones.

I am a numbers and statistics loving woman. I just noticed this.. Considering how little time I spend with this much loved baby of mine, these humble numbers are comforting. I wish I could do more here. Interact more with other bloggers and diversify. But I really am stretched to snapping point. So yeah. Our... Continue Reading →

Weekend woes.

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round. All day long.... Seriously folks, this has been running in my head ALL DAY LONG! I had some tremendously marvelous blog post ideas for the day. Posts that lamentably did not... Continue Reading →

Midnight wonts.

Mademoiselle Zoe drifts off, reluctantly. Unwilling to give up, she holds on to restless wakefulness until the cozy, welcome embrace of sleep finally wins her over and takes her over to the other side. To dreamland. A land of lilies and puppets and endless newspapers for her to rip and boundless water for her to... Continue Reading →

Of small mercies.

It is the most unlikely time for me to be typing a blog post- early morning. I decided to forgo my run. It is cold and cuddling with Zoe is far more appealing then getting into my tracks and braving the morning chill. I make the easy choice this morning. What is life, if I... Continue Reading →

Thank You!

      Thank you folks! Humble but comforting numbers. Some of you I know. Most are strangers. A few are only numbers to me (IP addresses that constantly recur!) Some drop by occasionally. Some visit everyday. Some say lovely things. Some are silent guests. I thank thee all! It's been a great ride folks.... Continue Reading →

Ma Wednesday- Meet ZOE!

You folks have heard scores of "ZOE stories". Don't you want to meet the star of this blog? Introducing Ms Z aka Z/ Zoe/ Lil' Z..... 9 months old. Slightly crazy. Moderately stubborn. Extremely inquisitive. Almost walking. Selective eater. Mandarin connoisseur. Baby Einstein¬†cognoscente. Master facial contortionist. Tongue- twisting, eye- ball rolling, ¬†ambidextrous maverick. Daytime insomniac.... Continue Reading →

Pre- dawn blogger ramble.

Zoe occasionally likes to wake up at odd hours of the night and search for Mama. With eyes closed and mouth open. And after Mama does what she has to do, and gets her sleeping again (it does not take much effort most times); she too falls right back into the welcoming arms of the... Continue Reading →

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