Troubles. And a mid- air chat.

The trouble with trouble is that when you are in the middle of it, it seems insurmountable. Life ahead seems inconceivable. You use terms and phrases like never, ever, why... They become a mantra. You fail to appreciate all the things you have going for you. All the things in your life that make it... Continue Reading →

Saturday nights.

Saturday nights are precious. The one night in the week when I can do as I please. Stay up till sunrise if I so choose. Without remorse or prospects of dire consequence. A night I look forward to, from Sunday morning and thereafter. The anticipation of which colors my day bright. The excited expectancy gathers... Continue Reading →

Of January rain.

It is almost 5:30 AM. The unfailing Human Alarm wakes me up. She is still asleep though. The morning is enveloped in characteristic wintry, darkness. But it is uncharacteristically warm. I peel away the stifling layers of covers and blankets and get out of bed, determined to make it for the first run of the... Continue Reading →

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