It is all a lie.

It is all a lie folks. All the idioms and phrases and euphemisms. All the wise- men -speak. All the "elder's wisdom". We are fed lies and half- truths from the moment we are born. All meant to keep us in check. Decrees, rules, conventions and principles to rein in the innately unscrupulous human race.... Continue Reading →

Getting off our high horses.

I moan about lawlessness on the roads, and the utter lack of discipline on the part of the drivers. I was running late to the airport last week. It was just before dawn. I calculatedly, deliberately skipped two red signals. I know which signal has radars and cameras, and there were no cops in sight.... Continue Reading →

Of almost perfect Saturday afternoons.

A nippy, crisp day. An early start. A rare, idyllic drive without being stemmed by signals. Missed all ten of them! A Chopin enthused procedure room. Couple of challenging but snippy procedures. An early return home. Sumptuous, homely, comfort food. An uncommonly long afternoon nap by the Little One. Customary cover to cover reading of... Continue Reading →

Of this moment.

You go to sleep one night. Mind full of worries. Anxious of petty upcoming matters. Fretting over trivial inconsequential problems. Your body gives up. For no rhyme or reason. You never wake up. You wake up. You head to the bathroom. You are pissed at yourself for not waking up early. You will now be... Continue Reading →

Fragmented -3

Click to read earlier chapters. He knew he was awake. He knew it was morning. His brain had powered on, but hadn't 'booted to start' yet. He kept his eyes shut, and let his mind wander. He thought of the things he would have to do today; the chores and the mundane errands, the endless... Continue Reading →

Runday Monday- Excuses!

It was a special day. A watershed one. Zoe is standing, all by herself. All quivering and unstable, but standing. And on the same day, Mama suddenly finds out that her clothes don't fit. Her favorite pair of pre- pregnancy jeans are loose. Yes. You read that right- LOOSE! Ha. It's fantastic when the naysayers... Continue Reading →

Friday Flutters! A wise man’s words….

As I sit in nigh darkness, I contemplate the state of my life. And my love. Of chasing dreams. And of the sacrifices that such pursuits entail.   Of passion and perseverance. Or rather the surplus of passion and equivalent sparseness of the requisite perseverance. Can passion alone sustain one's dreams? Without the luxury of foresight,... Continue Reading →

Recap Thursday- Que Será, Será.

Whatever will be, will be. This has been J's motto for the week. Be it Lil' Z's schedule, work, exercise, food, traffic, family, LIFE.... sometimes it's best to let things be. Not to waste valuable life- force, fighting. You may not get what you desire. You  may not be in the state to fight for... Continue Reading →

Missed me?

It is past midnight, and I am typing in the dark. My antiquated laptop has no keyboard back-light you see. Of course , it is no excuse to replace Mr Pappy. Also, some keys on him don't work. This started a few days ago. So now I copy- paste certain letters! Aah! the fun of it!... Continue Reading →

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