Day 8- WhatsApp fuckery!

My post today is going to be be a tad different. I'm a very hesitant user of WhatsApp. For several reasons. But I must admit, it has it's uses. And of the millions (of course I exaggerate, or do I?) of messages and forwards I receive, I do not usually bother with the forwards. But... Continue Reading →

Of the nightly glows. (Update)

People say technology has eroded communal living. We are so busy being online that we fail to build meaningful, lasting friendships and relationships- they say. We apparently share too much with too many people. We are a compulsively exhibitionist, yet equally voyeuristic society. There are memes and cartoons of entire families sitting together in the... Continue Reading →

The end of the world…

  The end is near lads. Life seems rudderless. Oh Lord, how am I to survive! I'm lost and lonely. Friends faraway, hope ye' all doing good. Mum, hope breakfast was good, And hope Dad didn't throw a fit. My other Mum, hope things have quietened down, Hope Kerala is not in chaos anymore. Wonder... Continue Reading →

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