Born this way.

I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition. Hello folks. Aah, I loathe to admit that these wise words aren't my own; they belong to... Continue Reading →

The fabulousness of an imperfect life.

There are possibly only three constants in life- boredom, change and death. Death is of course irreversible and inevitable and we shall talk no more of it, at this present juncture. We shall let death lie in wait, for another day. Boredom and change are inseparable bedfellows. One cannot be without the other, and one... Continue Reading →

Of optimism and hope.

  I love the bright, jarring city lights. Rustic beauty and rural charms do not besot me for long. Even the most beautiful, tranquil, nature infused vacation destinations bore me after a while. I miss the zippy, hotfooted life. I miss the swift and purposeful existence. I yearn for the sense of belonging and familiarity... Continue Reading →

Surprises our heads hide.

How would you feel if you woke up feeling different everyday? Not knowing if you wanted to wake up and burst forth and head to conquering all in sight, or cower and wilt and wither away to oblivion under a large rock. There are days when you want to shine bight like the corona. And... Continue Reading →

Friday Flutters- It creeps up again..

It come and goes. Waxes and wanes. Gathers and disperses. Blooms and withers.   The blinding light and the pitch black. The all- enchanting angel and the all- consuming demon. Both within. And without. Ripping apart. And making whole again.   The misery and ecstasy, bound irrevocably. Inseparable. The joy is superfluous. Reasonless. Beyond rationality.... Continue Reading →

Of almost perfect Saturday afternoons.

A nippy, crisp day. An early start. A rare, idyllic drive without being stemmed by signals. Missed all ten of them! A Chopin enthused procedure room. Couple of challenging but snippy procedures. An early return home. Sumptuous, homely, comfort food. An uncommonly long afternoon nap by the Little One. Customary cover to cover reading of... Continue Reading →

Of this moment.

You go to sleep one night. Mind full of worries. Anxious of petty upcoming matters. Fretting over trivial inconsequential problems. Your body gives up. For no rhyme or reason. You never wake up. You wake up. You head to the bathroom. You are pissed at yourself for not waking up early. You will now be... Continue Reading →

The choices we make.

  A decade or so ago, I thought I was invincible. Fresh out of high school, I was ready to conquer all in sight. Dreams without confines. Unadulterated confidence. Self- belief; unmarred with doubt or fear. I truly believed that life was about choices. That we chose our paths and hence are masters of our... Continue Reading →

17 Questions.

Have you ever run beside a moving bus or train? Trying to hop on…. It moves at a speed that makes you think that you might actually be able to get on, but you don’t….If it moved any faster, you’d have to give up. But it does not.You chase on....It teases you.Taunts you.Mocks your inability to... Continue Reading →

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