The ladies lounge!

I was out and about last evening, in search of an ergonomic soft structured baby carrier. Mr H finds the name/title itself hard to comprehend and thinks it's a tongue twister! I got in and out of stores, doing quick reviews of all the items on display. Mr H, being the exceptionally kind- hearted, patient... Continue Reading →

Lust List! To drive away the blues.

The post- holiday blues refuse to loosen their stifling claws. How does J usually tackle such a tribulation?1. Run till her legs give way. The sweet pain of the post- run soreness ( the next day) masks all ills of the mind.2. Read till the mind is littered with the author’s words. The words bring... Continue Reading →

Watch the watch dude! Men and their time- pieces.

Watches have evolved from mere timepieces to personal statements. From functional mechanical contraptions to much- coveted pieces of art. J always judges a man by his words and deeds, but the watch (and shoes!) does partake in formulating a first impression. A watch need not be overtly luxurious, exorbitantly pricey, or pretentiously branded; but it... Continue Reading →

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