Current obsessions.

I am a woman of extremes. Of obsessions. I rarely thread the middle path. I do not comprehend the tone and concept of moderation. I do something ad nauseam, over and over again; till I cannot stand even the thought of it anymore. If I like a song, I play it on repeat till one... Continue Reading →

Runday Monday! The all Knee me!

I am not sure if I can continue with Runday Mondays. The pièce de résistance of my work- out options may soon have to be relinquished. My knees are done with running apparently, or so they tell me. They nag and niggle. They whine and complain. They wake up creaky and achy. They refuse to bend or bear... Continue Reading →

Runday Monday- Excuses!

It was a special day. A watershed one. Zoe is standing, all by herself. All quivering and unstable, but standing. And on the same day, Mama suddenly finds out that her clothes don't fit. Her favorite pair of pre- pregnancy jeans are loose. Yes. You read that right- LOOSE! Ha. It's fantastic when the naysayers... Continue Reading →

A Runday Monday, finally!

Yep. It's been a while. J is skinnier than ever. It's downright unhealthy, how unfit she is. Or so she thinks. The work- outs are mired deep in post- baby- new- move-pre- work- travel stuff... She runs one day. Then forgets to even think about getting into her trainers for the next two. She is sore... Continue Reading →

Of alter egos and food battles…

Morning Y'all! Our tale for today, commences a little over 48 hours ago. Dr J announces that she will make masala dosa (rice and lentil pancake/ crepe) with sambhar, chammandi and potatoes for breakfast and that dinner would be special fare.-Thalassery Ghee Rice (Thalassery is a place in Kerala while 'Ghee Rice" is rice cooked... Continue Reading →

Activity tracker 101.

Let me first apologize for the misleading post- title. The "Activity Tracker 101" post is still in progress.  The fitness cum gadget nerd that I am, I am very curious about these nifty little contraptions. I am on the lookout for one that would suit my lifestyle and not hurt my my pocket.  The web search... Continue Reading →

My running compadre.

The day I really want to run, I can run barefoot. Up a hill. In a saree.With my hair untied. With no caps or sunglasses or sunscreen. The day I really want to run, I can run in 5 inch stilettoes with no platform. On a cobblestoned pathway….The day I really want to run, I... Continue Reading →

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