Assisted baby- carrying, a year on. (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here What type of carries do you do? Ring sling- side/ hip carry, tummy to tummy carry Wraps- Front carry (baby facing parent of course!), back- carry (Tibetan style/ Rucksack), rebozo front- carry Structured carriers- Front (facing parent), back carry (preferred by baby and papa these days) and hip/ side carry by... Continue Reading →

This is why I love to fly.

Dr J anxiously waits for the boarding call. In the days gone by, she would have loved the waiting time. She would have strolled the stores and had cup after cup of bad, overpriced coffee and ¬†doughy donuts. But not today. Lil' Z isn't a happy chappy. She was dragged out of her bed at... Continue Reading →

Seven days of Ergobaby- ness…

Seven days since I got home this beauty. Seven days since I graduated from slings and saree-wraps. Seven days of SSC baby- wearing. Seven days of peaceful laundry loading and folding. Seven days of cry- free dish-washing. Seven days of happy, stress- free shopping trips. Seven days of post- dinner, put-the-baby-to-sleep, neighborhood walks. Seven days... Continue Reading →

It’s finally here…

It's finally here folks! The ergonomically designed, soft- structured, baby- carrier is finally here. Ha! Months of research and endless mall pounding and Dr J came up with nothing. Until yesterday... She found a Doha- based group of Mommies on Facebook (Meet the lovely ladies here) , that and a few phone calls later; things... Continue Reading →

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